9 years ago flexml changes
9 years ago added missing flexml.lisp
9 years ago updates to the TODO
9 years ago refactor to use flexml document model and generic method ...
9 years ago TAG Before flexml refactor
9 years ago fix dependency in the .asd, thanks to Deepankar Sharma
9 years ago fix: .asd missed a change after the file renames
9 years ago move packages.lisp to toplevel, it's not strictly fronte ...
9 years ago use starts-with-subseq from alexandria
9 years ago added prog1-bind and aprog1
9 years ago moved stuff into filters-and-transformers.lisp
9 years ago restructure the dirs in the repo to simplify things: top ...
9 years ago added brief README
9 years ago drop obsolete uffi backend
9 years ago fix check for the gccxml binary, thanks to Lynbech Christian
9 years ago added a TODO file
9 years ago reorganize files, move *.asd to toplevel
10 years ago Use -z6 for cvs checkout
10 years ago Added oracle OCI bindings and update the others
10 years ago Only print the return code of gcc-xml if it's not zero
10 years ago Quick temporary fix to protect against deftype foo and s ...
10 years ago Updated .boring with the doc files
10 years ago Renamed define-symbol to find-definition with a setf variant
10 years ago Remove obsolete website dir. It has its own standalone repo.
10 years ago Renamed to verrazano-runtime
10 years ago Added a paragraph to design.tex about libs using #define ...
10 years ago Added a constant-name-transformer
10 years ago Set print-right-margin while generating
10 years ago Added oracle OCI bindings to the generate script
10 years ago Accept non-list nicknames, listify in ctor
10 years ago Small changes
10 years ago Added pregenerated curl and graphviz bindings
10 years ago Trent Buck Fix quotes in LaTeX docs.
10 years ago Trent Buck verrazano/documents/proposal.tex: delete strange !\n seq ...
10 years ago Trent Buck Typo in docs.
10 years ago Trent Buck Countable typo in docs.
10 years ago Added graphviz entry for generate-bindings.lisp
10 years ago Use and unwind-protect for deleting temp files
10 years ago Support filtering symbol categories for CFFI backend whe ...
10 years ago Added a warning that int:bits types are not supported
10 years ago Added a warning comment to the generated file that it's ...
10 years ago TAG 2007-05-03
10 years ago Updated generated bindings
10 years ago Added custom name transformer for gl binding generation
10 years ago Fix .binaries
10 years ago Added a :standard-name-transformer-replacements option
10 years ago option-value is safe for using without a bound *configur ...
10 years ago Support a :additional-options for configuration that pre ...
10 years ago Drop regexp based camelCase converter, use an iteration ...
10 years ago Added resizing to the imagemagick test