5 years ago .asd: move the :static-file "generate-example-bindings.l ...
6 years ago use :skip-ellipsis feature of do-arguments-of-function
6 years ago kludge generation of functiontype to emit a :pointer
6 years ago added libarchive entry for examples
6 years ago added :debug t/nil support for example binding generation
8 years ago added :gccxml-flags "`pkg-config --cflags libgvc`" for t ...
8 years ago fix parsing on ccl: use subtypep to detect slot types in ...
8 years ago todo
8 years ago added missing closer-mop dependency to the .asd
8 years ago updated TODO
8 years ago merge .asd conflicts
8 years ago refactor generate-example-bindings.lisp
8 years ago some changes to be able to generate bindings for mozjs
8 years ago Refactor.
8 years ago Fix virtual calls.
8 years ago flexml changes
9 years ago added missing flexml.lisp
9 years ago updates to the TODO
9 years ago refactor to use flexml document model and generic method ...
8 years ago TAG Before flexml refactor
9 years ago fix dependency in the .asd, thanks to Deepankar Sharma
9 years ago fix: .asd missed a change after the file renames
9 years ago move packages.lisp to toplevel, it's not strictly fronte ...
9 years ago use starts-with-subseq from alexandria
9 years ago added prog1-bind and aprog1
9 years ago moved stuff into filters-and-transformers.lisp
9 years ago restructure the dirs in the repo to simplify things: top ...
9 years ago added brief README
9 years ago drop obsolete uffi backend
9 years ago fix check for the gccxml binary, thanks to Lynbech Christian
9 years ago added a TODO file
9 years ago reorganize files, move *.asd to toplevel
9 years ago Use -z6 for cvs checkout
9 years ago Added oracle OCI bindings and update the others
9 years ago Only print the return code of gcc-xml if it's not zero
9 years ago Quick temporary fix to protect against deftype foo and s ...
9 years ago Updated .boring with the doc files
9 years ago Renamed define-symbol to find-definition with a setf variant
9 years ago Remove obsolete website dir. It has its own standalone repo.
9 years ago Renamed to verrazano-runtime
9 years ago Added a paragraph to design.tex about libs using #define ...
9 years ago Added a constant-name-transformer
9 years ago Set print-right-margin while generating
9 years ago Added oracle OCI bindings to the generate script
9 years ago Accept non-list nicknames, listify in ctor
9 years ago Small changes
9 years ago Added pregenerated curl and graphviz bindings
9 years ago Trent Buck Fix quotes in LaTeX docs.
9 years ago Trent Buck verrazano/documents/proposal.tex: delete strange !\n seq ...
9 years ago Trent Buck Typo in docs.