updated TODO
patch 912436f817a31ab727e4595e6335f4a706ce8718
Author: attila.lendvai@gmail.com
Date: Mon May 19 16:45:01 UTC 2008
* updated TODO
hunk ./TODO 2
-- fix this: the current generation works so that the correct order of
- the output is achived by calling ENSURE-DEFINITION-IS-ALREADY-WRITTEN.
- this seemed to be an elegant solution, but that was a wrong design
- decision. instead there should be a constraint based sorting before
- the output phase is started. the proposed api could be a
- COLLECT-DEPENDENT-NODES which would be called on each node that is
- enqueued for output and a function would sort the output nodes resolving
- the dependencies (which may not contain circles of course).
+- add support for cffi-grovel. it's hopelessly complex to evaluate
+ preprocessor constants, so the cffi backend should be extended with
+ support to generate cffi-grovel files.