last changeWed, 14 Sep 2011 13:44:47
3 years ago test-slot-sets enabled in asd
3 years ago disabled testconditions
3 years ago fixes FINISHES macro in tests
3 years ago prevent loading same foreign library (and stuff which "d ...
3 years ago set-valued slot tests, optimized postmodern support
3 years ago with-interrupts for db-postmodern
4 years ago pm-cursor typo fixed
4 years ago import class-direct-subclasses
4 years ago default-pset workaround
4 years ago removed unnecessary MOP manipulations for SBCL (as repor ...
4 years ago pset fix
4 years ago fix dropping instance with derived index
4 years ago pm-pset
4 years ago derived index rebuilding, inherited index rebuilding
4 years ago different handling of ensure-schema and compute-derived- ...