8 years ago use #:foo to play well with readtable case...
8 years ago the accessor of foo? slots is foo?
8 years ago Version 1.0
8 years ago Added dwim-accessor-name-transformer which defaults to < ...
8 years ago TAG 2008-11-27
8 years ago don't use in-root-suite
8 years ago follow asdf-system-connections
9 years ago Allow :initform in slot defintions.
9 years ago Fix package.
9 years ago added (def layer* ...)
9 years ago warn only once per class when using a foreign symbol for ...
9 years ago style-warn when using a slot name from a foreign package
9 years ago if a boolean slot is named foo? then use it as its accessor
9 years ago bleh, more fixez
9 years ago fix that :export even more
9 years ago fix for :export
9 years ago support :export arg for slot definitions
9 years ago fix test
9 years ago put the package name in the expansion, so that more C-c ...
9 years ago fix loading with/without swank
9 years ago Juan M. Bello Rivas Fixed broken test.
9 years ago added (def condition* ...)
9 years ago dropped metabang bind integration to follow bind refactor
9 years ago fix: use-package cl-def when needed
9 years ago added def component* (ucw)
9 years ago added build-defclass-like-cl-def-expansion, use for def ...
9 years ago added build-defclass-like-expansion
9 years ago added cl-def integration
10 years ago Added options for functional-slots.
10 years ago :special is an allowed slot-option for ContextL
10 years ago Export stuff in eval-always when export is requested
10 years ago Properly set up swank:*readtable-alist*
10 years ago Export a define-dynamic-context* to clean things up
10 years ago Use stefil:funcall-test-with-feedback-message
10 years ago Added metabang-bind integration (to use defclass* by def ...
10 years ago TAG 2007-03-22
10 years ago Use pushnew instead of push
10 years ago Fix computed-class symbol.
10 years ago Clean up integration and add defcclass* for computed-class
10 years ago Added UCW integration and defcomponent*
10 years ago Use stefil for the tests
10 years ago FIX: properly export/register accessor names in some cor ...
10 years ago Support ignoring slot-definition option warnings by push ...
10 years ago Follow computed-class changes
10 years ago Progn rulez!
10 years ago UNDO: Fix return value when exporting the class.
10 years ago Added default-slot-definition-transformer that deals wit ...
10 years ago Fix return value when exporting the class.
10 years ago FIX: return the class from defclass* and friends
10 years ago TAG 2006-11-17