2 years ago Added test suite support for Allegro 8.2 & 9.0.
3 years ago default-initargs has become direct-default-initargs in L ...
5 years ago Removed several dynamic-extent declarations.
5 years ago TAG 0.74
5 years ago Recorded new version number.
5 years ago More complete test suite.
5 years ago Added support for ECL.
5 years ago Special functions also don't work in CMUCL.
5 years ago Updated note about lack of support for special functions ...
5 years ago Fixed and simplified conditionalization for Clozure Comm ...
5 years ago Ensure that SCL doesn't load AspectL.
5 years ago The secret generic function argument to method initializ ...
5 years ago The aspectl-user package should :use closer-common-lisp, ...
5 years ago Clozure Common Lisp now also supports special functions.
6 years ago Adapted special functions to the new dynamic environment ...
6 years ago TAG 0.73
6 years ago Updated version number in the system definition.
6 years ago Added support for CCL 1.2 in the test suite.
7 years ago TAG 0.72
7 years ago Update version number and copyright information in the s ...
7 years ago Added conditionalization for Clozure Common Lisp.
7 years ago Added support for Allegro 8.1 in the test suite.
8 years ago Added test suite automation.
8 years ago Updated version number in the .asd file.
8 years ago TAG 0.71
8 years ago In SBCL, ensure-finalized can now be used instead of fin ...
8 years ago Removed a spurious in-package declaration in the .asd file.
9 years ago Simplified generation of dynamic scope representations.
9 years ago Replaced calls to finalize-inheritance with ensure-final ...
9 years ago Added support for ecl.
9 years ago Updated code because MCL is disappearing from OpenMCL's ...
9 years ago TAG 0.7
9 years ago Initial revision.