6 years ago remove hashtable coordinates
6 years ago split dimensional/value.lisp
6 years ago fix min/max/sum/avg query functions on empty set
6 years ago add failed query test
6 years ago renames
6 years ago TODO comment
6 years ago fix: get rid of several delete- calls which can potentia ...
6 years ago lock-class can be called with a symbol, too
6 years ago lock-class issues a LOCK TABLE instead of a SELECT * FOR ...
6 years ago union/intersection/difference of sets represented by sor ...
6 years ago try to provide more info in an error. may be broken, unt ...
6 years ago changes to README, make it outline-mode
6 years ago Added AUTHORS and README.
6 years ago change-persistent-class
7 years ago add a copy-one method for copy-persistent-instance, for ...
7 years ago fix signaling some errors in the query compiler, added f ...
7 years ago Added remove-dimensions.
7 years ago nothing important
7 years ago Fix call to reduce.
7 years ago Make constraint violations continuable errors.
7 years ago Fix *ignore-constraints*
7 years ago Some exports
7 years ago If a type error is ignored then the transaction will be ...
7 years ago Added database constraints which are checked at the end ...
7 years ago Fix loading qqxml dependent stuff.
7 years ago Housekeeping around system integrations.
7 years ago Added preliminary XML export support.
7 years ago Use cl-def even more.
7 years ago Added missing licence file headers.
7 years ago small fix (needed for macros in queries)
7 years ago fix complex test
7 years ago Allow subclassing of persistent-classes only when the me ...
7 years ago Don't allow subclassing a persistent-class with a standa ...
7 years ago Some useful d-value functions.
7 years ago Cache dimension domain in the transaction bulk cache.
7 years ago with-coordinates accepts dimension names again
7 years ago support &key args in dimensional-functions
7 years ago cleanup in query compiler
7 years ago use dimensions with fixnum type in d-value tests
7 years ago d-project keeps order of dimensions
7 years ago accept timestamp as coordinate of with-time
7 years ago use with-macro
7 years ago fix: mapping errors were silently ignored by the query c ...
7 years ago fix cache-dimensional-association
7 years ago baaah, fix ip-address mapping... without this patch ip-a ...
7 years ago oops, even more fix to iolib integration
7 years ago fix loading without iolib
7 years ago bah, fix my assert for restore-slot-set...
7 years ago renamed to persistent-effective-slots-for-slot-name
7 years ago assert for restore-slot-set