2 months ago Thayne McCombs Finish Updating Documentation
2 months ago Thayne McCombs Fix time formatting
2 months ago Thayne McCombs Update documentation
2 years ago added getenv for ABCL
2 years ago fix load-resource-file on asdf3. still a kludge...
3 years ago extend README with plans
3 years ago test/ more decimal formatting tests, some of them fail
3 years ago tests/ update some asserts to follow cldr changes
3 years ago fix for test/cldr/formatting/bug/1
3 years ago housekeeping
3 years ago added failing number formatting test
4 years ago housekeeping
4 years ago Desmond O. Chang explicitly use no packages
4 years ago split out cl-l10n-cldr to simplify packaging with quicklisp
4 years ago follow cldr in tests
4 years ago update .sh to cldr 1.8.0
4 years ago excessive cleanups after cldr 1.8.0 update
4 years ago flexml smallie
4 years ago use hu.dwim.stefil instead of stefil
4 years ago housekeeping
4 years ago format-number/currency supports custom pattern
4 years ago clean up the pattern compiling of currency formatting
5 years ago added lookup-first-matching-resource* that supports a de ...
5 years ago drop locale/* addition from LICENCE
5 years ago concatenate-separated-by is done in *print-pretty* nil
5 years ago no asdf-system required arg for load-resource-file
5 years ago Avoid recompiling lazily loaded resource files.
5 years ago Initial support for German locale de
5 years ago load resources through compile-file
5 years ago use declaim ftype to notify the compiler about functions ...
5 years ago one more try to silence compile time undefined functions ...
6 years ago some hungarian plural overrides
6 years ago defresources evaluates the resource value
6 years ago *some* work on timestamp formatting
6 years ago flexml, print-object
6 years ago flexml, add :default-node-class keyword arg
6 years ago add some date/time related formatter stubs to guide futu ...
6 years ago fix currency i18n stuff
6 years ago housekeeping
6 years ago revive proper error message that gives a hint about runn ...
6 years ago housekeeping
6 years ago flexml.lisp update
6 years ago don't :use rarely used dependent packages for better sea ...
6 years ago added register-locale-loaded-listener
6 years ago use :otherwise for locale loading
6 years ago make (locale 'root) work as expected
6 years ago added time format compiling. no timezones yet.
6 years ago always try to look up the downcased key if it wasn't fou ...
6 years ago TAG 2008-11-27
6 years ago store functional resources using symbols to be more like ...