3 years ago error logging: less noise from network timeouts, make it ...
4 years ago backport read-http-request-line from hu.dwim.wui, so tha ...
4 years ago fix: return new-value from setf svuc, as mandated by the ...
4 years ago TAG 2011-11-11-nafi
4 years ago follow hu.dwim.util :ignore-condition-predicate rename
4 years ago drop sbcl ctor kludge. it's not needed anymore and it's ...
5 years ago extend the list of years of the validity component kludge
5 years ago file upload will not make the component-value slot unbou ...
5 years ago follow with-layered-error-handlers changes
5 years ago TAG 2010-11-10-nafi
5 years ago follow hu.dwim.util:build-error-log-message
5 years ago follow iolib: socket fd's are always non-blocking now
5 years ago Allow invisible nil selectors
5 years ago Make it possible to dispatch on prototype.
5 years ago Uncomment unused code.
5 years ago fix asd for asdf2
5 years ago Added tab-page-selector
5 years ago force header of tab component
5 years ago Eliminated extra collapse command when expanding a row i ...
5 years ago Fix m-b-e-n-i-c
5 years ago fix hu.dwim.util debug-on-error clash
5 years ago Add dispatch args
5 years ago Fix #\ <-- space
5 years ago Localized slot name falls back to localized-class-name i ...
5 years ago fix some hu.dwim rebase issues
5 years ago Fix localization
5 years ago added delete-when-finished for file-serving-response
5 years ago Follow wui -> cl-wui rename.
5 years ago Renamed to cl-wui.
5 years ago don't load process stuff
5 years ago renamed package to cl-wui
5 years ago Follow dwim utils.
5 years ago Fix IP address presentation factories.
5 years ago Allow selecting 2010 in this kludge component.
5 years ago drop a bunch of hu.dwim.util stuff and :shadowing-import ...
5 years ago Kludge for dimensional slot filtering
5 years ago Fix finding slot-groups.
5 years ago follow hu.dwim.util get-monotonic-time
5 years ago Extendisble place component type/value handling.
5 years ago Yet another d-value inspector refactor.
5 years ago Generalize make-create-instance-command
5 years ago Don't allow editing association slots.
5 years ago Don't allow expanding an edited table row.
5 years ago Allow editing dimensional values.
6 years ago follow iolib
6 years ago some hu.dwim forward port fixes
6 years ago Kludge for member inspector place extraction.
6 years ago Work on dimensional value presentation components.
6 years ago Change d-value handling to use separate layer of compone ...
6 years ago Better timestamp range localization.