last changeMon, 21 Jul 2008 14:36:50
6 years ago follow sbcl debug info changes
7 years ago Show the disassembly while inspecting functions with sbcl
6 years ago *features*, rename it to :slime-dwim-branch
7 years ago Make slime-selector externally callable by adding a key ...
7 years ago Update the view after slime-disconnect-connection-at-point
7 years ago Do the slime-connect with sync eval, so it's safe to cal ...
7 years ago added separate host and port history for slime-connect
7 years ago god damn, replace C-k with a simple disconnect mapped to ...
7 years ago move save-restriction-if-possible to the top (it's a macro)
7 years ago Disable undo in the fuzzy buffer to speed it up
7 years ago Fix reindent defun in file buffer
7 years ago Fix: fuzzy completion was sometimes not restoring the wi ...
7 years ago Merge conflicts with upstream (emacs snapshot stuff)
7 years ago trittweiler [slime @ 2007-08-22 21:40:22 by trittweiler]
7 years ago Unknown tagger TAG SLIME-2-1