last changeTue, 23 Jun 2015 20:17:38
23 months ago fix CASE: no need to quote symbols
7 years ago Added height to iframe
8 years ago Maciej Pasternacki New TAL attribute tal:let
9 years ago added ID to the XML package
9 years ago Luca Capello add an (eval-when ...) when defining a test suite
9 years ago Added tal:unless
9 years ago defvar *tal-truename* instead of the declare special's
9 years ago Cleanup: renamed some tal functions, exported a few. WAR ...
10 years ago Fix <:as-is quoting: do not add extra linebreaks
10 years ago Added <:format
10 years ago Implement <:ai and <:ah using their full-named versions
10 years ago UNDO: Renamed <:as-html to <:as-xml, <:as-xml is the can ...
10 years ago Fix <:param
10 years ago Added a tal::content-as-is
10 years ago Renamed <:as-html to <:as-xml, <:as-xml is the canonical ...