2 years ago fix CASE: no need to quote symbols
8 years ago Added height to iframe
9 years ago Maciej Pasternacki New TAL attribute tal:let
10 years ago added ID to the XML package
10 years ago Luca Capello add an (eval-when ...) when defining a test suite
10 years ago Added tal:unless
10 years ago defvar *tal-truename* instead of the declare special's
10 years ago Cleanup: renamed some tal functions, exported a few. WAR ...
10 years ago Fix <:as-is quoting: do not add extra linebreaks
10 years ago Added <:format
10 years ago Implement <:ai and <:ah using their full-named versions
10 years ago UNDO: Renamed <:as-html to <:as-xml, <:as-xml is the can ...
10 years ago Fix <:param
10 years ago Added a tal::content-as-is
10 years ago Renamed <:as-html to <:as-xml, <:as-xml is the canonical ...
10 years ago Support a :prologue and a :doctype attribute for <:html
10 years ago Added +xhtml-...-doctype+ constants
10 years ago Re-added the (@ runtime-variable-holding-the-attributes) ...
10 years ago Added assert for mandatory attribute names being symbols
10 years ago Removed workaround needed for old sbcl's
10 years ago Added public -tal-environment- and tal-value
10 years ago Added &allow-custom-attributes and cleaned up handling o ...
11 years ago Remove bugous js comment //'s from <:as-is :quotedp t
10 years ago Added xml and xlink namespaces to *uri-to-package*
10 years ago Fix <:embed, allow any kind of attribute
10 years ago FIX: small misuse of unwind-protect in the xml-syntax
10 years ago TAG 2006-12-20
11 years ago Unified the various def-svg-tag variants
11 years ago Svg is case sensitive, but yaclml was making all tags lo ...
11 years ago svg-case
11 years ago Added xml-syntax tests and test supporting goodies (tal ...
11 years ago Replace tabs with spaces in the asd
11 years ago Return (values) from the xml-syntax body
11 years ago Properly support non-constant tag names like <(progn (+ ...
11 years ago Fix xml reader syntax
11 years ago Fix xml-syntax to avoid non-conforming use of unread-cha ...
11 years ago Added some svg attributes
11 years ago Henrik Hjelte bugfix, it is an error to invoke unread-char twice (see ...
11 years ago Fix with-xml-syntax, so that you can use (<:as-is ...) a ...
11 years ago Support string tag names to be able to render case sensi ...
11 years ago Fix: downcase the name of extra attributes provided at r ...
11 years ago Added support for custom attributes
11 years ago Added :quotedp to <:as-is
11 years ago Added accesskey to <:select
11 years ago comment tag was <!-- .... --!> but it must be <!-- .... -->
11 years ago Marco Baringer Reindent packages.lisp
11 years ago Marco Baringer Implement with-yaclml-output-to-string in terms of with- ...
11 years ago Luis Oliveira Normalize tabs to spaces in packages.lisp
11 years ago Luis Oliveira Fix conflict between arnesi and iterate.
11 years ago Read tal files with :utf-8