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61      <h2>Recent changes</h2>      <h2>Recent changes</h2>
62      <p>      <p>
63        2006-xx-yy: Fixed the gray stream port (including a data        2006-xx-yy: Fixed the gray stream port, including a data
64        corruption bug that was in CVS for some time).  Switched to        corruption bug that was in CVS for some time.  (Thanks to Kevin
65        flexi-stream external-format functions for portability.  Uses        Reid and others.)  Switched to flexi-stream external-format
66        trivial-gray-streams now.  Allegro 8.0 fix.  Incompatible change:        functions for portability.  Uses trivial-gray-streams now.
67        Don't bind <tt>*locale*</tt> on Allegro anymore.  (Thanks to all        Allegro 8.0 fix (thanks to Edi Weitz).  Comment support (thanks
68        patch submitters).        to Surendra Singhi).  Incompatible change: Don't bind
69          <tt>*locale*</tt> on Allegro anymore.
70      <p>      <p>
71      </p>      </p>
72        2005-04-05: ACL fixes (thank to Edi Weitz).  Lispworks port        2005-04-05: ACL fixes (thank to Edi Weitz).  Lispworks port

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