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acl.lisp  1.5  8 years  dlichteblau   <p> + 2006-xx-yy: Fixed the gray stream port (including a data + …
package.lisp  1.4  7 years  dlichteblau  Comment support (Surendra Singhi) clisp buglet (Klaus Weidner)
gray.lisp  1.8  7 years  dlichteblau  From: Edi Weitz <edi@agharta.de> Subject: Typo in STREAM-READ-SEQUENCE (Was: NI…
ifstar.lisp  9 years  dlichteblau  initial import
LICENSE  1.2  9 years  dlichteblau  merged Lispworks patch, thanks to Sean Ross
zip.asd  1.7  3 years  dlichteblau  on Fare's advice, use #p"xyz.lisp"
inflate.lisp  1.2  9 years  dlichteblau  removed useless SUBSEQ
zip.lisp  1.11  6 years  dlichteblau  switched to salza2, thanks to Zach Beane
README.html  1.8  6 years  dlichteblau  switched to salza2, thanks to Zach Beane

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