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revision 1.606 by heller, Fri Oct 17 21:27:16 2008 UTC revision 1.607 by heller, Sun Oct 19 20:03:34 2008 UTC
# Line 2385  has changed, ignore the request." Line 2385  has changed, ignore the request."
2385       (multiple-value-list       (multiple-value-list
2386        (eval-in-frame (wrap-sldb-vars (from-string string)) index)))))        (eval-in-frame (wrap-sldb-vars (from-string string)) index)))))
2388  (defslimefun frame-locals-for-emacs (index)  (defslimefun frame-locals-and-catch-tags (index)
2389    "Return a property list ((&key NAME ID VALUE) ...) describing    "Return a list (LOCALS TAGS) for vars and catch tags in the frame INDEX.
2390  the local variables in the frame INDEX."  LOCALS is a list of the form ((&key NAME ID VALUE) ...).
2391    (with-bindings *backtrace-printer-bindings*  TAGS has is a list of strings."
2392      (mapcar (lambda (frame-locals)    (list (frame-locals-for-emacs index)
2393                (destructuring-bind (&key name id value) frame-locals          (mapcar #'to-string (frame-catch-tags index))))
                 (list :name (prin1-to-string name) :id id  
                       :value (to-line value))))  
             (frame-locals index))))  
2395  (defslimefun frame-catch-tags-for-emacs (frame-index)  (defun frame-locals-for-emacs (index)
2396    (mapcar #'to-string (frame-catch-tags frame-index)))    (with-bindings *backtrace-printer-bindings*
2397        (loop for var in (frame-locals index)
2398              collect (destructuring-bind (&key name id value) var
2399                        (list :name (prin1-to-string name)
2400                              :id id
2401                              :value (to-line value))))))
2403  (defslimefun sldb-disassemble (index)  (defslimefun sldb-disassemble (index)
2404    (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)    (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)

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