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revision 1.262 by mbaringer, Thu Nov 18 17:34:55 2004 UTC revision 1.263 by heller, Fri Nov 19 01:13:05 2004 UTC
# Line 2659  NIL is returned if the list is circular. Line 2659  NIL is returned if the list is circular.
2659             (when (array-has-fill-pointer-p array)             (when (array-has-fill-pointer-p array)
2660               (label-value-line "Fill pointer" (fill-pointer array)))               (label-value-line "Fill pointer" (fill-pointer array)))
2661             '("Contents:" (:newline))             '("Contents:" (:newline))
2662             (let ((darray (make-array (array-total-size array)             (loop for i below (array-total-size array)
2663                                       :element-type (array-element-type array)                   append (label-value-line i (row-major-aref array i))))))
                                      :displaced-to array  
                                      :displaced-index-offset 0)))  
              (loop for e across darray  
                    for i from 0  
                    append (label-value-line i e))))))  
2665  (defmethod inspect-for-emacs ((char character) inspector)  (defmethod inspect-for-emacs ((char character) inspector)
2666    (declare (ignore inspector))    (declare (ignore inspector))
# Line 3060  See `methods-by-applicability'.") Line 3055  See `methods-by-applicability'.")
3055             (if (< -1 i char-code-limit)             (if (< -1 i char-code-limit)
3056                 (label-value-line "Corresponding character" (code-char i)))                 (label-value-line "Corresponding character" (code-char i)))
3057             (label-value-line "Length" (integer-length i))             (label-value-line "Length" (integer-length i))
3058             (list "As time: "             (ignore-errors
3059                   (multiple-value-bind (sec min hour date month year)               (list "As time: "
3060                       (decode-universal-time i)                     (multiple-value-bind (sec min hour date month year)
3061                     (format nil "~4,'0D-~2,'0D-~2,'0DT~2,'0D:~2,'0D:~2,'0DZ"                         (decode-universal-time i)
3062                             year month date hour min sec))))))                       (format nil "~4,'0D-~2,'0D-~2,'0DT~2,'0D:~2,'0D:~2,'0DZ"
3063                                 year month date hour min sec)))))))
3065  (defmethod inspect-for-emacs ((c complex) inspector)  (defmethod inspect-for-emacs ((c complex) inspector)
3066    (declare (ignore inspector))    (declare (ignore inspector))
# Line 3226  a time.") Line 3222  a time.")
3222    (setq *thread-list* (all-threads))    (setq *thread-list* (all-threads))
3223    (loop for thread in  *thread-list*    (loop for thread in  *thread-list*
3224          collect (list (thread-name thread)          collect (list (thread-name thread)
3225                        (thread-status thread))))                        (thread-status thread)
3226                          (thread-id thread))))
3228  (defslimefun quit-thread-browser ()  (defslimefun quit-thread-browser ()
3229    (setq *thread-list* nil))    (setq *thread-list* nil))

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