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revision 1.165 by pseibel, Wed Apr 7 16:24:03 2004 UTC revision 1.166 by mbaringer, Thu Apr 8 15:26:44 2004 UTC
# Line 1755  that symbols accessible in the current p Line 1755  that symbols accessible in the current p
1755  (defslimefun load-file (filename)  (defslimefun load-file (filename)
1756    (to-string (load filename)))    (to-string (load filename)))
1758    (defun requires-compile-p (pathname)
1759      (let ((compile-file-truename (probe-file (compile-file-pathname pathname))))
1760        (or (not compile-file-truename)
1761            (< (file-write-date compile-file-truename)
1762               (file-write-date pathname)))))
1765  ;;;; Profiling  ;;;; Profiling
# Line 2011  a time.") Line 2017  a time.")
2017                          (with-connection (connection)                          (with-connection (connection)
2018                            (simple-break))))))                            (simple-break))))))
 ;;;; REPL Commands  
 (defvar *repl-commands* (make-hash-table :test 'equal))  
 (defmacro defslime-repl-command (name args &body body)  
      (setf (gethash ,(symbol-name name) *repl-commands*)  
            (lambda ,args ,@body))  
 (defmacro repl-command (op &rest args)  
   `(if (gethash ,(symbol-name op) *repl-commands*)  
        (funcall (gethash ,(symbol-name op) *repl-commands*)  ,@args)  
        (error "Unknown repl command ~S." ,(symbol-name op))))  
 (defslime-repl-command sayoonara ()  
   (eval-in-emacs '(slime-kill-all-buffers))  
 (defslime-repl-command cd (namestring)  
   (set-default-directory namestring))  
 (defslime-repl-command pwd ()  
   (truename *default-pathname-defaults*))  
 (defslime-repl-command pack (&optional new-package)  
   (setf *package* (if new-package  
                       (or (find-package new-package)  
                             (warn "No package named ~S found." new-package)  
 (defslime-repl-command cload (file &optional force)  
   (unless (probe-file (merge-pathnames file))  
     (error "~S does not exist, can't load it." file))  
   (if (or force  
           (not (probe-file (compile-file-pathname file)))  
           (< (file-write-date (compile-file-pathname file))  
              (file-write-date file)))  
       (compile-file-for-emacs file t)  
       (load file)))  
2020  ;;; Local Variables:  ;;; Local Variables:
2021  ;;; eval: (font-lock-add-keywords 'lisp-mode '(("(\\(defslimefun\\)\\s +\\(\\(\\w\\|\\s_\\)+\\)"  (1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-function-name-face))))  ;;; eval: (font-lock-add-keywords 'lisp-mode '(("(\\(defslimefun\\)\\s +\\(\\(\\w\\|\\s_\\)+\\)"  (1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-function-name-face))))
2022  ;;; End:  ;;; End:

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