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revision 1.136 by mbaringer, Fri Mar 5 14:26:14 2004 UTC revision 1.137 by heller, Fri Mar 5 22:51:12 2004 UTC
# Line 860  has changed, ignore the request." Line 860  has changed, ignore the request."
860    (to-string (eval-in-frame (from-string string) index)))    (to-string (eval-in-frame (from-string string) index)))
862  (defun frame-locals-for-emacs (frame-index)  (defun frame-locals-for-emacs (frame-index)
863    (mapcar (lambda (frame-locals)    (let ((*print-readably* nil)
864              (loop          (*print-pretty* t)
865                 for (key value) on frame-locals by #'cddr          (*print-circle* t))
866                 collect key      (mapcar (lambda (frame-locals)
867                 if (member key (list :name :value))                (destructuring-bind (&key name id value) frame-locals
868                   collect (to-string value)                  (list :name (princ-to-string name) :id id
869                 else                        :value (to-string value))))
870                   collect value))              (frame-locals frame-index))))
           (frame-locals frame-index)))  
873  ;;;; Evaluation  ;;;; Evaluation

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