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revision 1.324 by sboukarev, Sat Aug 4 23:48:19 2012 UTC revision 1.325 by sboukarev, Mon Dec 3 03:43:16 2012 UTC
# Line 1860  stack." Line 1860  stack."
1860                      (funcall completion-function                      (funcall completion-function
1861                               (zerop (sb-posix:wexitstatus status))))))))))))                               (zerop (sb-posix:wexitstatus status))))))))))))
 (defun deinit-log-output ()  
   ;; Can't hang on to an fd-stream from a previous session.  
   (setf (symbol-value (find-symbol "*LOG-OUTPUT*" 'swank))  
1863  (pushnew 'deinit-log-output sb-ext:*save-hooks*)  (pushnew 'deinit-log-output sb-ext:*save-hooks*)

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