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revision 1.312 by sboukarev, Thu May 3 15:49:17 2012 UTC revision 1.313 by sboukarev, Thu May 3 15:58:39 2012 UTC
# Line 845  QUALITIES is an alist with (quality . va Line 845  QUALITIES is an alist with (quality . va
845      (make-location (list :buffer-and-file      (make-location (list :buffer-and-file
846                           (cadr (location-buffer buffer))                           (cadr (location-buffer buffer))
847                           (cadr (location-buffer file)))                           (cadr (location-buffer file)))
848                     (list                     (location-position buffer)
849                      :buffer-position (location-position buffer)                     (location-hints buffer))))
                     :file-position (location-position file))  
                     :buffer-hints (location-hints buffer)  
                     :file-hints (location-hints file)))))  
851  (defun definition-source-for-emacs (definition-source type name)  (defun definition-source-for-emacs (definition-source type name)
852    (with-struct ("sb-introspect:definition-source-"    (with-struct ("sb-introspect:definition-source-"
853                  pathname form-path character-offset plist                  pathname form-path character-offset plist
854                  file-write-date)                  file-write-date)
855                 definition-source                 definition-source
856      (ecase (categorize-definition-source definition-source)      (:dbg (ecase (categorize-definition-source definition-source)
857        (:buffer-and-file         (:buffer-and-file
858         (definition-source-buffer-and-file-location definition-source))          (definition-source-buffer-and-file-location definition-source))
859        (:buffer         (:buffer
860         (definition-source-buffer-location definition-source))          (definition-source-buffer-location definition-source))
861        (:file         (:file
862         (definition-source-file-location definition-source))          (definition-source-file-location definition-source))
863        (:file-without-position         (:file-without-position
864         (make-location `(:file ,(namestring          (make-location `(:file ,(namestring
865                                  (translate-logical-pathname pathname)))                                   (translate-logical-pathname pathname)))
866                        '(:position 1)                         '(:position 1)
867                        (when (eql type :function)                         (when (eql type :function)
868                          `(:snippet ,(format nil "(defun ~a "                           `(:snippet ,(format nil "(defun ~a "
869                                              (symbol-name name))))))                                               (symbol-name name))))))
870        (:invalid         (:invalid
871         (error "DEFINITION-SOURCE of ~(~A~) ~A did not contain ~          (error "DEFINITION-SOURCE of ~(~A~) ~A did not contain ~
872                 meaningful information."                 meaningful information."
873                type name)))))                 type name))))))
875  (defun source-file-position (filename write-date form-path)  (defun source-file-position (filename write-date form-path)
876    (let ((source (get-source-code filename write-date))    (let ((source (get-source-code filename write-date))

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