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revision 1.32 by heller, Wed Dec 3 22:34:50 2003 UTC revision 1.77 by mbaringer, Fri Mar 5 14:26:14 2004 UTC
# Line 1  Line 1 
1  ;;;; -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; outline-regexp: ";;;;+" -*-  ;;;; -*- indent-tabs-mode: nil; outline-regexp: ";;;;+" -*-
3  (declaim (optimize debug))  (declaim (optimize (debug 2)))
5  (in-package :swank)  (in-package :swank)
7  ;; Turn on xref. [should we?]  (in-package :lisp)
 (setf c:*record-xref-info* t)  
9  (defun without-interrupts* (body)  ;; Fix for read-sequence in 18e
10    (sys:without-interrupts (funcall body)))  #+cmu18e
11    (progn
12      (let ((s (find-symbol (string :*enable-package-locked-errors*) :lisp)))
13        (when s
14          (setf (symbol-value s) nil)))
16      (defun read-into-simple-string (s stream start end)
17        (declare (type simple-string s))
18        (declare (type stream stream))
19        (declare (type index start end))
20        (unless (subtypep (stream-element-type stream) 'character)
21          (error 'type-error
22                 :datum (read-char stream nil #\Null)
23                 :expected-type (stream-element-type stream)
24                 :format-control "Trying to read characters from a binary stream."))
25        ;; Let's go as low level as it seems reasonable.
26        (let* ((numbytes (- end start))
27               (bytes-read (system:read-n-bytes stream s start numbytes t)))
28          (if (< bytes-read numbytes)
29              (+ start bytes-read)
30              end)))
32      (let ((s (find-symbol (string :*enable-package-locked-errors*) :lisp)))
33        (when s
34          (setf (symbol-value s) t)))
36      )
38    (in-package :swank)
41    ;;;; TCP server.
43    (setq *swank-in-background* :sigio)
45    (defimplementation create-socket (host port)
46      (ext:create-inet-listener port :stream
47                                :reuse-address t
48                                :host (resolve-hostname host)))
50    (defimplementation local-port (socket)
51      (nth-value 1 (ext::get-socket-host-and-port (socket-fd socket))))
53    (defimplementation close-socket (socket)
54      (ext:close-socket (socket-fd socket)))
56    (defimplementation accept-connection (socket)
57      #+MP (mp:process-wait-until-fd-usable socket :input)
58      (make-socket-io-stream (ext:accept-tcp-connection socket)))
60    (defvar *sigio-handlers* '()
61      "List of (key . (fn . args)) pairs to be called on SIGIO.")
63    (defun sigio-handler (signal code scp)
64      (declare (ignore signal code scp))
65      (mapc (lambda (handler) (funcall (cdr handler))) *sigio-handlers*))
67    (defun set-sigio-handler ()
68      (sys:enable-interrupt unix:SIGIO (lambda (signal code scp)
69                                         (sigio-handler signal code scp))))
71    (defun fcntl (fd command arg)
72      (multiple-value-bind (ok error) (unix:unix-fcntl fd command arg)
73        (cond (ok)
74              (t (error "fcntl: ~A" (unix:get-unix-error-msg error))))))
76    (defimplementation add-sigio-handler (socket fn)
77      (set-sigio-handler)
78      (let ((fd (socket-fd socket)))
79        (format *debug-io* "; Adding input handler: ~S ~%" fd)
80        (fcntl fd unix:f-setown (unix:unix-getpid))
81        (fcntl fd unix:f-setfl unix:FASYNC)
82        (push (cons fd fn) *sigio-handlers*)))
84    (defimplementation remove-sigio-handlers (socket)
85      (let ((fd (socket-fd socket)))
86        (setf *sigio-handlers* (delete fd *sigio-handlers* :key #'car))
87        (sys:invalidate-descriptor fd))
88      (close socket))
90    (defimplementation add-fd-handler (socket fn)
91      (let ((fd (socket-fd socket)))
92        (format *debug-io* "; Adding fd handler: ~S ~%" fd)
93        (sys:add-fd-handler fd :input (lambda (_)
94                                        _
95                                        (funcall fn)))))
97    (defimplementation remove-fd-handlers (socket)
98      (sys:invalidate-descriptor (socket-fd socket)))
100    (defimplementation make-fn-streams (input-fn output-fn)
101      (let* ((output (make-slime-output-stream output-fn))
102             (input  (make-slime-input-stream input-fn output)))
103        (values input output)))
105    ;;;;; Socket helpers.
107    (defun socket-fd (socket)
108      "Return the filedescriptor for the socket represented by SOCKET."
109      (etypecase socket
110        (fixnum socket)
111        (sys:fd-stream (sys:fd-stream-fd socket))))
113    (defun resolve-hostname (hostname)
114      "Return the IP address of HOSTNAME as an integer."
115      (let* ((hostent (ext:lookup-host-entry hostname))
116             (address (car (ext:host-entry-addr-list hostent))))
117        (ext:htonl address)))
119    (defun make-socket-io-stream (fd)
120      "Create a new input/output fd-stream for FD."
121      (sys:make-fd-stream fd :input t :output t :element-type 'base-char))
123  (defun set-fd-non-blocking (fd)  (defun set-fd-non-blocking (fd)
124    (flet ((fcntl (fd cmd arg)    (flet ((fcntl (fd cmd arg)
125             (multiple-value-bind (flags errno) (unix:unix-fcntl fd cmd arg)             (multiple-value-bind (flags errno) (unix:unix-fcntl fd cmd arg)
126               (or flags               (or flags
127                   (error "fcntl: ~A" (unix:get-unix-error-msg errno))))))                   (error "fcntl: ~A" (unix:get-unix-error-msg errno))))))
128      (let ((flags (fcntl fd unix:F-GETFL 0)))      (let ((flags (fcntl fd unix:F-GETFL 0)))
129        (fcntl fd unix:F-SETFL (logior flags unix:O_NONBLOCK)))))        (fcntl fd unix:F-SETFL (logior flags unix:O_NONBLOCK)))))
132  ;;;; TCP server.  ;;;; Unix signals
134  (defun resolve-hostname (name)  (defmethod call-without-interrupts (fn)
135    (let* ((hostent (ext:lookup-host-entry name))    (sys:without-interrupts (funcall fn)))
136           (address (car (ext:host-entry-addr-list hostent))))  
137      (ext:htonl address)))  (defimplementation getpid ()
138      (unix:unix-getpid))
140  (defun create-swank-server (port &key (reuse-address t)  (defimplementation lisp-implementation-type-name ()
141                              (address "localhost"))    "cmucl")
   "Create a SWANK TCP server."  
   (let* ((ip (resolve-hostname address))  
          (fd (ext:create-inet-listener port :stream  
                                        :reuse-address reuse-address  
                                        :host ip)))  
     (system:add-fd-handler fd :input #'accept-connection)  
     (nth-value 1 (ext::get-socket-host-and-port fd))))  
 (defun accept-connection (socket)  
   "Accept one Swank TCP connection on SOCKET and then close it."  
   (setup-request-handler (ext:accept-tcp-connection socket))  
   (sys:invalidate-descriptor socket)  
   (unix:unix-close socket))  
 (defun open-stream-to-emacs ()  
   "Return an output-stream to Emacs' output buffer."  
   (let* ((ip (resolve-hostname "localhost"))  
          (listener (ext:create-inet-listener 0 :stream :host ip))  
          (port (nth-value 1 (ext::get-socket-host-and-port listener))))  
            (eval-in-emacs `(slime-open-stream-to-lisp ,port))  
            (let ((fd (ext:accept-tcp-connection listener)))  
              (sys:make-fd-stream fd :output t)))  
       (ext:close-socket listener))))  
 (defvar *use-dedicated-output-stream* t)  
 (defun setup-request-handler (socket)  
   "Setup request handling for SOCKET."  
   (let* ((stream (sys:make-fd-stream socket  
                                      :input t :output t  
                                      :element-type 'base-char))  
          (input (make-slime-input-stream))  
          (output (if *use-dedicated-output-stream*  
                      (let ((*emacs-io* stream)) (open-stream-to-emacs))  
          (io (make-two-way-stream input output)))  
     (system:add-fd-handler socket  
                            :input (lambda (fd)  
                                     (declare (ignore fd))  
                                     (serve-request stream output input io)))))  
 (defun serve-request (*emacs-io* *slime-output* *slime-input* *slime-io*)  
   "Read and process a request from a SWANK client.  
 The request is read from the socket as a sexp and then evaluated."  
   (catch 'slime-toplevel  
     (with-simple-restart (abort "Return to Slime toplevel.")  
       (handler-case (read-from-emacs)  
         (slime-read-error (e)  
           (when *swank-debug-p*  
             (format *debug-io* "~&;; Connection to Emacs lost.~%;; [~A]~%" e))  
           (sys:invalidate-descriptor (sys:fd-stream-fd *emacs-io*))  
           (close *emacs-io*)))))  
144  ;;;; Stream handling  ;;;; Stream handling
146  (defstruct (slime-output-stream  (defstruct (slime-output-stream
147               (:include lisp::lisp-stream               (:include lisp::lisp-stream
148                         (lisp::misc #'sos/misc)                         (lisp::misc #'sos/misc)
149                         (lisp::out #'sos/out)                         (lisp::out #'sos/out)
150                         (lisp::sout #'sos/sout))                         (lisp::sout #'sos/sout))
151               (:conc-name sos.)               (:conc-name sos.)
152               (:print-function %print-slime-output-stream))               (:print-function %print-slime-output-stream)
153                 (:constructor make-slime-output-stream (output-fn)))
154      (output-fn nil :type function)
155    (buffer (make-string 512) :type string)    (buffer (make-string 512) :type string)
156    (index 0 :type kernel:index)    (index 0 :type kernel:index)
157    (column 0 :type kernel:index))    (column 0 :type kernel:index))
# Line 117  The request is read from the socket as a Line 175  The request is read from the socket as a
175  (defun sos/sout (stream string start end)  (defun sos/sout (stream string start end)
176    (loop for i from start below end    (loop for i from start below end
177          do (sos/out stream (aref string i))))          do (sos/out stream (aref string i))))
179  (defun sos/misc (stream operation &optional arg1 arg2)  (defun sos/misc (stream operation &optional arg1 arg2)
180    (declare (ignore arg1 arg2))    (declare (ignore arg1 arg2))
181    (case operation    (case operation
182      ((:force-output :finish-output)      ((:force-output :finish-output)
183       (let ((end (sos.index stream)))       (let ((end (sos.index stream)))
184         (unless (zerop end)         (unless (zerop end)
185           (send-to-emacs `(:read-output ,(subseq (sos.buffer stream) 0 end)))           (funcall (sos.output-fn stream) (subseq (sos.buffer stream) 0 end))
186           (setf (sos.index stream) 0))))           (setf (sos.index stream) 0))))
187      (:charpos (sos.column stream))      (:charpos (sos.column stream))
188      (:line-length 75)      (:line-length 75)
189      (:file-position nil)      (:file-position nil)
# Line 135  The request is read from the socket as a Line 193  The request is read from the socket as a
193      (t (format *terminal-io* "~&~Astream: ~S~%" stream operation))))      (t (format *terminal-io* "~&~Astream: ~S~%" stream operation))))
195  (defstruct (slime-input-stream  (defstruct (slime-input-stream
196               (:include string-stream               (:include string-stream
197                         (lisp::in #'sis/in)                         (lisp::in #'sis/in)
198                         (lisp::misc #'sis/misc))                         (lisp::misc #'sis/misc))
199               (:conc-name sis.)               (:conc-name sis.)
200               (:print-function %print-slime-output-stream))               (:print-function %print-slime-output-stream)
201    (buffer "" :type string)               (:constructor make-slime-input-stream (input-fn sos)))
202    (index 0 :type kernel:index))    (input-fn nil :type function)
203      ;; We know our sibling output stream, so that we can force it before
204      ;; requesting input.
205      (sos      nil :type slime-output-stream)
206      (buffer   ""  :type string)
207      (index    0   :type kernel:index))
209  (defun sis/in (stream eof-errorp eof-value)  (defun sis/in (stream eof-errorp eof-value)
210    (declare (ignore eof-errorp eof-value))    (declare (ignore eof-errorp eof-value))
211    (let ((index (sis.index stream))    (let ((index (sis.index stream))
212          (buffer (sis.buffer stream)))          (buffer (sis.buffer stream)))
213      (when (= index (length buffer))      (when (= index (length buffer))
214        (setf buffer (slime-read-string))        (force-output (sis.sos stream))
215          (setf buffer (funcall (sis.input-fn stream)))
216        (setf (sis.buffer stream) buffer)        (setf (sis.buffer stream) buffer)
217        (setf index 0))        (setf index 0))
218      (prog1 (aref buffer index)      (prog1 (aref buffer index)
# Line 162  The request is read from the socket as a Line 226  The request is read from the socket as a
226      (:unread (setf (aref (sis.buffer stream)      (:unread (setf (aref (sis.buffer stream)
227                           (decf (sis.index stream)))                           (decf (sis.index stream)))
228                     arg1))                     arg1))
229      (:clear-input (setf (sis.index stream) 0      (:clear-input
230         (setf (sis.index stream) 0
231                          (sis.buffer stream) ""))                          (sis.buffer stream) ""))
232      (:listen (< (sis.index stream) (length (sis.buffer stream))))      (:listen (< (sis.index stream) (length (sis.buffer stream))))
233      (:charpos nil)      (:charpos nil)
266  craft our own error messages, which can omit a lot of redundant  craft our own error messages, which can omit a lot of redundant
267  information."  information."
268    (unless (eq condition *previous-compiler-condition*)    (unless (eq condition *previous-compiler-condition*)
269      (let ((context (or (c::find-error-context nil) *previous-context*)))      (let ((context (c::find-error-context nil)))
270        (setq *previous-compiler-condition* condition)        (setq *previous-compiler-condition* condition)
271        (setq *previous-context* context)        (setq *previous-context* context)
272        (signal-compiler-condition condition context))))        (signal-compiler-condition condition context))))
# Line 211  information." Line 276  information."
276             'compiler-condition             'compiler-condition
277             :original-condition condition             :original-condition condition
278             :severity (severity-for-emacs condition)             :severity (severity-for-emacs condition)
279             :message (brief-compiler-message-for-emacs condition context)             :short-message (brief-compiler-message-for-emacs condition)
280               :message (long-compiler-message-for-emacs condition context)
281             :location (compiler-note-location context))))             :location (compiler-note-location context))))
283  (defun severity-for-emacs (condition)  (defun severity-for-emacs (condition)
# Line 221  information." Line 287  information."
287      (c::style-warning :note)      (c::style-warning :note)
288      (c::warning :warning)))      (c::warning :warning)))
290  (defun brief-compiler-message-for-emacs (condition error-context)  (defun brief-compiler-message-for-emacs (condition)
291    "Briefly describe a compiler error for Emacs.    "Briefly describe a compiler error for Emacs.
292  When Emacs presents the message it already has the source popped up  When Emacs presents the message it already has the source popped up
293  and the source form highlighted. This makes much of the information in  and the source form highlighted. This makes much of the information in
294  the error-context redundant."  the error-context redundant."
295      (princ-to-string condition))
297    (defun long-compiler-message-for-emacs (condition error-context)
298      "Describe a compiler error for Emacs including context information."
299    (declare (type (or c::compiler-error-context null) error-context))    (declare (type (or c::compiler-error-context null) error-context))
300    (multiple-value-bind (enclosing source)    (multiple-value-bind (enclosing source)
301        (if error-context        (if error-context
# Line 234  the error-context redundant." Line 304  the error-context redundant."
304      (format nil "~@[--> ~{~<~%--> ~1:;~A~> ~}~%~]~@[~{==>~%~A~^~%~}~]~A"      (format nil "~@[--> ~{~<~%--> ~1:;~A~> ~}~%~]~@[~{==>~%~A~^~%~}~]~A"
305              enclosing source condition)))              enclosing source condition)))
307  (defun compiler-note-location (context)  (defun compiler-note-location (context)
308    (cond (context    (cond (context
309           (resolve-note-location           (resolve-note-location
# Line 270  the error-context redundant." Line 339  the error-context redundant."
339                                    (pos (eql nil))                                    (pos (eql nil))
340                                    (path (eql nil))                                    (path (eql nil))
341                                    (source (eql nil)))                                    (source (eql nil)))
342      (list :error "No error location available")
343      #+(or)
344    (cond (buffer    (cond (buffer
345           (make-location (list :buffer buffer)           (make-location (list :buffer buffer)
346                          (list :position *buffer-start-position*)))                          (list :position *buffer-start-position*)))
347          (*compile-file-truename*          (*compile-file-truename*
348           (make-location (list :file (namestring *compile-file-truename*))           (make-location (list :file (namestring *compile-file-truename*))
349                          (list :position 0)))                          (list :source-path '(0) 1)))
350          (*compile-filename*          (*compile-filename*
351           (make-location (list :file *compile-filename*) (list :position 0)))           (make-location (list :file *compile-filename*)
352                            (list :source-path '(0) 1)))
353          (t          (t
354           (list :error "No error location available"))))           (list :error "No error location available"))))
356  (defmacro with-compilation-hooks (() &body body)  (defimplementation call-with-compilation-hooks (function)
357    "Execute BODY and record the set of compiler notes."    (let ((*previous-compiler-condition* nil)
358    `(let ((*previous-compiler-condition* nil)          (*previous-context* nil)
359           (*previous-context* nil)          (*print-readably* nil))
          (*print-readably* nil))  
360      (handler-bind ((c::compiler-error #'handle-notification-condition)      (handler-bind ((c::compiler-error #'handle-notification-condition)
361                     (c::style-warning  #'handle-notification-condition)                     (c::style-warning  #'handle-notification-condition)
362                     (c::warning        #'handle-notification-condition))                     (c::warning        #'handle-notification-condition))
363        ,@body)))        (funcall function))))
365  (defmethod compile-file-for-emacs (filename load-p)  (defimplementation compile-file-for-emacs (filename load-p)
366    (clear-xref-info filename)    (clear-xref-info filename)
367    (with-compilation-hooks ()    (with-compilation-hooks ()
368      (let ((*buffer-name* nil)      (let ((*buffer-name* nil)
369            (*compile-filename* filename))            (*compile-filename* filename))
370          (compile-file filename :load load-p))))        (compile-file filename :load load-p))))
372  (defmethod compile-string-for-emacs (string &key buffer position)  (defimplementation compile-string-for-emacs (string &key buffer position)
373    (with-compilation-hooks ()    (with-compilation-hooks ()
374      (let ((*package* *buffer-package*)      (let ((*package* *buffer-package*)
375            (*compile-filename* nil)            (*compile-filename* nil)
# Line 318  the error-context redundant." Line 389  the error-context redundant."
389  (defun lookup-xrefs (finder name)  (defun lookup-xrefs (finder name)
390    (xref-results-for-emacs (funcall finder (from-string name))))    (xref-results-for-emacs (funcall finder (from-string name))))
392  (defslimefun who-calls (function-name)  (defimplementation who-calls (function-name)
   "Return the places where FUNCTION-NAME is called."  
393    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-calls function-name))    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-calls function-name))
395  (defslimefun who-references (variable)  (defimplementation who-references (variable)
   "Return the places where the global variable VARIABLE is referenced."  
396    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-references variable))    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-references variable))
398  (defslimefun who-binds (variable)  (defimplementation who-binds (variable)
   "Return the places where the global variable VARIABLE is bound."  
399    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-binds variable))    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-binds variable))
401  (defslimefun who-sets (variable)  (defimplementation who-sets (variable)
   "Return the places where the global variable VARIABLE is set."  
402    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-sets variable))    (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-sets variable))
404  #+cmu19  #+cmu19
405  (progn  (progn
406    (defslimefun who-macroexpands (macro)    (defimplementation who-macroexpands (macro)
     "Return the places where MACRO is expanded."  
407      (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-macroexpands macro))      (lookup-xrefs #'xref:who-macroexpands macro))
409    (defslimefun who-specializes (class)    (defimplementation who-specializes (class)
     "Return the methods with specializers for CLASS."  
410      (let* ((methods (xref::who-specializes (find-class (from-string class))))      (let* ((methods (xref::who-specializes (find-class (from-string class))))
411             (locations (mapcar #'method-source-location methods)))             (locations (mapcar #'method-source-location methods)))
412        (group-xrefs (mapcar (lambda (m l)        (group-xrefs (mapcar (lambda (m l)
413                               (cons (let ((*print-pretty* nil))                               (cons (let ((*print-pretty* nil))
414                                       (to-string m))                                       (to-string m))
415                                     l))                                     l))
416                             methods locations))))                             methods locations)))))
418  (defun resolve-xref-location (xref)  (defun resolve-xref-location (xref)
419    (let ((name (xref:xref-context-name xref))    (let ((name (xref:xref-context-name xref))
# Line 380  reference   ::= (FUNCTION-SPECIFIER . SO Line 444  reference   ::= (FUNCTION-SPECIFIER . SO
444                xrefs)))                xrefs)))
445      (group-xrefs xrefs)))      (group-xrefs xrefs)))
 (defun location-buffer= (location1 location2)  
   (equalp location1 location2))  
 (defun file-xrefs-for-emacs (unix-filename contexts)  
   "Return a summary of the references from a particular file.  
 The result is a list of the form (FILENAME ((REFERRER SOURCE-PATH) ...))"  
   (list unix-filename  
         (loop for context in (sort-contexts-by-source-path contexts)  
               collect (list (let ((*print-pretty* nil))  
                               (to-string (xref:xref-context-name context)))  
                             (xref:xref-context-source-path context)))))  
 (defun sort-contexts-by-source-path (contexts)  
   "Sort xref contexts by lexical position of source-paths.  
 It is assumed that all contexts belong to the same file."  
   (sort contexts #'source-path< :key #'xref:xref-context-source-path))  
 (defun source-path< (path1 path2)  
   "Return true if PATH1 is lexically before PATH2."  
   (and (every #'< path1 path2)  
        (< (length path1) (length path2))))  
447  (defun clear-xref-info (namestring)  (defun clear-xref-info (namestring)
448    "Clear XREF notes pertaining to FILENAME.    "Clear XREF notes pertaining to NAMESTRING.
449  This is a workaround for a CMUCL bug: XREF records are cumulative."  This is a workaround for a CMUCL bug: XREF records are cumulative."
450    (let ((filename (parse-namestring namestring)))    (when c:*record-xref-info*
451      (when c:*record-xref-info*      (let ((filename (truename namestring)))
452        (dolist (db (list xref::*who-calls*        (dolist (db (list xref::*who-calls*
453                          #+cmu19 xref::*who-is-called*                          #+cmu19 xref::*who-is-called*
454                          #+cmu19 xref::*who-macroexpands*                          #+cmu19 xref::*who-macroexpands*
# Line 415  This is a workaround for a CMUCL bug: XR Line 456  This is a workaround for a CMUCL bug: XR
456                          xref::*who-binds*                          xref::*who-binds*
457                          xref::*who-sets*))                          xref::*who-sets*))
458          (maphash (lambda (target contexts)          (maphash (lambda (target contexts)
459                       ;; XXX update during traversal?
460                     (setf (gethash target db)                     (setf (gethash target db)
461                           (delete-if                           (delete filename contexts
462                            (lambda (ctx)                                   :key #'xref:xref-context-file
463                              (xref-context-derived-from-p ctx filename))                                   :test #'equalp)))
464                   db)))))                   db)))))
 (defun xref-context-derived-from-p (context filename)  
   (let ((xref-file (xref:xref-context-file context)))  
     (and xref-file (pathname= filename xref-file))))  
 (defun pathname= (&rest pathnames)  
   "True if PATHNAMES refer to the same file."  
   (apply #'string= (mapcar #'unix-truename pathnames)))  
466  (defun unix-truename (pathname)  (defun unix-truename (pathname)
467    (ext:unix-namestring (truename pathname)))    (ext:unix-namestring (truename pathname)))
# Line 529  the code omponent CODE." Line 562  the code omponent CODE."
562                         (function-source-location e)))                         (function-source-location e)))
563     :test #'equal))     :test #'equal))
565  (defslimefun list-callers (symbol-name)  (defimplementation list-callers (symbol-name)
566    "Return a list ((FILE . ((NAME . LOCATION) ...)) ...) of callers."    "Return a list ((FILE . ((NAME . LOCATION) ...)) ...) of callers."
567    (let ((components (function-callers (from-string symbol-name)))    (let ((components (function-callers (from-string symbol-name)))
568          (xrefs '()))          (xrefs '()))
# Line 543  the code omponent CODE." Line 576  the code omponent CODE."
576          (setq xrefs (nconc defs xrefs))))          (setq xrefs (nconc defs xrefs))))
577      (group-xrefs xrefs)))      (group-xrefs xrefs)))
579    (defimplementation list-callees (symbol-name)
 (defslimefun list-callees (symbol-name)  
580    (let ((fns (function-callees (from-string symbol-name))))    (let ((fns (function-callees (from-string symbol-name))))
581      (group-xrefs (mapcar (lambda (fn)      (group-xrefs (mapcar (lambda (fn)
582                             (cons (to-string (kernel:%function-name fn))                             (cons (to-string (kernel:%function-name fn))
583                                   (function-source-location fn)))                                   (function-source-location fn)))
584                           fns))))                           fns))))
587  ;;;; Definitions  ;;;; Definitions
589  (defvar *debug-definition-finding* t  (defvar *debug-definition-finding* nil
590    "When true don't handle errors while looking for definitions.    "When true don't handle errors while looking for definitions.
591  This is useful when debugging the definition-finding code.")  This is useful when debugging the definition-finding code.")
593  (defmacro safe-definition-finding (&body body)  (defmacro safe-definition-finding (&body body)
594    "Execute BODY ignoring errors.  Return a the source location    "Execute BODY ignoring errors.  Return the source location returned
595  returned by BODY or if an error occurs a description of the error.  by BODY or if an error occurs a description of the error.  The second
596  The second return value is the condition or nil."  return value is the condition or nil."
597    `(flet ((body () ,@body))    `(flet ((body () ,@body))
598      (if *debug-definition-finding*      (if *debug-definition-finding*
599          (body)          (body)
# Line 629  The second return value is the condition Line 662  The second return value is the condition
662             (etypecase pathname             (etypecase pathname
663               (pathname               (pathname
664                (make-location `(:file ,(guess-source-file pathname))                (make-location `(:file ,(guess-source-file pathname))
665                               `(:function-name ,(string name)))))))))))                               `(:function-name ,(string name))))
666                 (null `(:error ,(format nil "Cannot resolve: ~S" def-source)))
667                 )))))))
669  (defun method-source-location (method)  (defun method-source-location (method)
670    (function-source-location (or (pcl::method-fast-function method)    (function-source-location (or (pcl::method-fast-function method)
# Line 670  The second return value is the condition Line 705  The second return value is the condition
705    (destructuring-bind (first) (function-source-locations function)    (destructuring-bind (first) (function-source-locations function)
706      first))      first))
708  (defslimefun find-function-locations (symbol-name)  (defimplementation find-function-locations (symbol-name)
709    "Return a list of source-locations for SYMBOL-NAME's functions."    "Return a list of source-locations for SYMBOL-NAME's functions."
710    (multiple-value-bind (symbol foundp) (find-symbol-designator symbol-name)    (multiple-value-bind (symbol foundp) (find-symbol-designator symbol-name)
711      (cond ((not foundp)      (cond ((not foundp)
# Line 688  The second return value is the condition Line 723  The second return value is the condition
724  ;;;; Documentation.  ;;;; Documentation.
726  (defmethod describe-symbol-for-emacs (symbol)  (defimplementation describe-symbol-for-emacs (symbol)
727    (let ((result '()))    (let ((result '()))
728      (flet ((doc (kind)      (flet ((doc (kind)
729               (or (documentation symbol kind) :not-documented))               (or (documentation symbol kind) :not-documented))
# Line 734  The second return value is the condition Line 769  The second return value is the condition
769                         (doc nil)))                         (doc nil)))
770        result)))        result)))
 (defslimefun describe-setf-function (symbol-name)  
    (or (ext:info setf inverse (from-string symbol-name))  
        (ext:info setf expander (from-string symbol-name)))))  
 (defslimefun describe-type (symbol-name)  
    (kernel:values-specifier-type (from-string symbol-name))))  
 (defslimefun describe-class (symbol-name)  
   (print-description-to-string (find-class (from-string symbol-name) nil)))  
 (defslimefun describe-alien-type (symbol-name)  
   (let ((name (from-string symbol-name)))  
     (ecase (ext:info :alien-type :kind name)  
         (let ((alien::*values-type-okay* t))  
           (funcall (ext:info :alien-type :translator name) (list name)))))  
        (print-description-to-string (ext:info :alien-type :definition name)))  
        (format nil "Unkown alien type: ~A" symbol-name)))))  
772  (defmacro %describe-alien (symbol-name namespace)  (defmacro %describe-alien (symbol-name namespace)
773    `(print-description-to-string    `(print-description-to-string
774      (ext:info :alien-type ,namespace (from-string ,symbol-name))))      (ext:info :alien-type ,namespace (from-string ,symbol-name))))
776  (defslimefun describe-alien-struct (symbol-name)  (defimplementation describe-definition (symbol-name type)
777    (%describe-alien symbol-name :struct))    (case type
778        (:variable
779  (defslimefun describe-alien-union (symbol-name)       (describe-symbol symbol-name))
780    (%describe-alien symbol-name :union))      ((:function :generic-function)
781         (describe-function symbol-name))
782  (defslimefun describe-alien-enum (symbol-name)      (:setf
783    (%describe-alien symbol-name :enum))       (print-description-to-string
784          (or (ext:info setf inverse (from-string symbol-name))
785              (ext:info setf expander (from-string symbol-name)))))
786        (:type
787         (print-description-to-string
788          (kernel:values-specifier-type (from-string symbol-name))))
789        (:class
790         (print-description-to-string (find-class (from-string symbol-name) nil)))
791        (:alien-type
792         (let ((name (from-string symbol-name)))
793           (ecase (ext:info :alien-type :kind name)
794             (:primitive
795              (print-description-to-string
796               (let ((alien::*values-type-okay* t))
797                 (funcall (ext:info :alien-type :translator name) (list name)))))
798             ((:defined)
799              (print-description-to-string (ext:info :alien-type
800                                                     :definition name)))
801             (:unknown
802              (format nil "Unkown alien type: ~A" symbol-name)))))
803        (:alien-struct
804         (%describe-alien symbol-name :struct))
805        (:alien-union
806         (%describe-alien symbol-name :union))
807        (:alien-enum
808         (%describe-alien symbol-name :enum))))
810  (defmethod arglist-string (fname)  (defimplementation arglist-string (fname)
811    "Return a string describing the argument list for FNAME.    "Return a string describing the argument list for FNAME.
812  The result has the format \"(...)\"."  The result has the format \"(...)\"."
813    (declare (type string fname))    (declare (type string fname))
814    (multiple-value-bind (function condition)    (multiple-value-bind (function package) (find-symbol-designator fname)
815        (ignore-errors (values (find-symbol-designator fname *buffer-package*)))      (unless package
816      (when condition        (return-from arglist-string (format nil "(-- Unkown symbol: ~A)" fname)))
       (return-from arglist-string (format nil "(-- ~A)" condition)))  
817      (let ((arglist      (let ((arglist
818             (if (not (or (fboundp function)             (if (not (or (fboundp function)
819                          (functionp function)))                          (functionp function)))
820                 "(-- <Unknown-Function>)"                 "(-- <Unknown-Function>)"
821                 (let* ((fun (or (macro-function function)                 (let* ((fun (or (macro-function function)
822                                 (symbol-function function)))                                 (symbol-function function)))
823                        (df (di::function-debug-function fun))                        (arglist (kernel:%function-arglist
824                        (arglist (kernel:%function-arglist fun)))                                  (kernel:%function-self fun))))
825                   (cond ((eval:interpreted-function-p fun)                   (cond ((eval:interpreted-function-p fun)
826                          (eval:interpreted-function-arglist fun))                          (eval:interpreted-function-arglist fun))
827                         ((pcl::generic-function-p fun)                         ((pcl::generic-function-p fun)
828                          (pcl::gf-pretty-arglist fun))                          (pcl:generic-function-lambda-list fun))
829                         (arglist arglist)                         (arglist arglist)
830                         ;; this should work both for                         ;; this should work both for
831                         ;; compiled-debug-function and for                         ;; compiled-debug-function and for
832                         ;; interpreted-debug-function                         ;; interpreted-debug-function
833                         (df (di::debug-function-lambda-list df))                         (t (let ((df (di::function-debug-function fun)))
834                         (t "(<arglist-unavailable>)"))))))                              (if df
835        (if (stringp arglist)                                  (di::debug-function-lambda-list df)
836            arglist                                  "(<arglist-unavailable>)"))))))))
837            (to-string arglist)))))        (etypecase arglist
838            (string arglist)
839            (cons (let ((*print-case* :downcase)
840                        (*print-pretty* nil))
841                    (princ-to-string arglist)))
842            (null "()")))))
845  ;;;; Miscellaneous.  ;;;; Miscellaneous.
847  (defmethod macroexpand-all (form)  (defimplementation macroexpand-all (form)
848    (walker:macroexpand-all form))    (walker:macroexpand-all form))
850  (defun tracedp (fname)  (in-package :c)
851    (gethash (debug::trace-fdefinition fname)  
852             debug::*traced-functions*))  (defun swank::expand-ir1-top-level (form)
853      "A scaled down version of the first pass of the compiler."
854  (defslimefun toggle-trace-fdefinition (fname-string)    (with-compilation-unit ()
855    (let ((fname (from-string fname-string)))      (let* ((*lexical-environment*
856      (cond ((tracedp fname)              (make-lexenv :default (make-null-environment)
857             (debug::untrace-1 fname)                           :cookie *default-cookie*
858             (format nil "~S is now untraced." fname))                           :interface-cookie *default-interface-cookie*))
859            (t             (*source-info* (make-lisp-source-info form))
860             (debug::trace-1 fname (debug::make-trace-info))             (*block-compile* nil)
861             (format nil "~S is now traced." fname)))))             (*block-compile-default* nil))
862          (with-ir1-namespace
863              (clear-stuff)
864            (find-source-paths form 0)
865            (ir1-top-level form '(0) t)))))
867    (in-package :swank)
869    (defslimefun print-ir1-converted-blocks (form)
870      (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
871        (c::print-all-blocks (expand-ir1-top-level (from-string form)))))
873    (defslimefun print-compilation-trace (form)
874      (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
875        (with-input-from-string (s form)
876          (let ((*package* *buffer-package*))
877            (ext:compile-from-stream s
878                                     :verbose t
879                                     :progress t
880                                     :trace-stream *standard-output*)))))
882  (defslimefun set-default-directory (directory)  (defslimefun set-default-directory (directory)
883    (setf (ext:default-directory) (namestring directory))    (setf (ext:default-directory) (namestring directory))
# Line 827  The result has the format \"(...)\"." Line 886  The result has the format \"(...)\"."
886    (setf *default-pathname-defaults* (pathname (ext:default-directory)))    (setf *default-pathname-defaults* (pathname (ext:default-directory)))
887    (namestring (ext:default-directory)))    (namestring (ext:default-directory)))
889    ;;; source-path-{stream,file,string,etc}-position moved into
890  ;;;; Source-paths  ;;; swank-source-path-parser
 ;;; CMUCL uses a data structure called "source-path" to locate  
 ;;; subforms.  The compiler assigns a source-path to each form in a  
 ;;; compilation unit.  Compiler notes usually contain the source-path  
 ;;; of the error location.  
 ;;; Compiled code objects don't contain source paths, only the  
 ;;; "toplevel-form-number" and the (sub-) "form-number".  To get from  
 ;;; the form-number to the source-path we need the entire toplevel-form  
 ;;; (i.e. we have to read the source code).  CMUCL has already some  
 ;;; utilities to do this translation, but we use some extended  
 ;;; versions, because we need more exact position info.  Apparently  
 ;;; Hemlock is happy with the position of the toplevel-form; we also  
 ;;; need the position of subforms.  
 ;;; We use a special readtable to get the positions of the subforms.  
 ;;; The readtable stores the start and end position for each subform in  
 ;;; hashtable for later retrieval.  
 (defun make-source-recorder (fn source-map)  
   "Return a macro character function that does the same as FN, but  
 additionally stores the result together with the stream positions  
 before and after of calling FN in the hashtable SOURCE-MAP."  
   (lambda (stream char)  
     (let ((start (file-position stream))  
           (values (multiple-value-list (funcall fn stream char)))  
           (end (file-position stream)))  
       #+(or) (format t "~&[~D ~{~A~^, ~} ~D]~%" start values end)  
       (unless (null values)  
         (push (cons start end) (gethash (car values) source-map)))  
       (values-list values))))  
 (defun make-source-recording-readtable (readtable source-map)  
   "Return a source position recording copy of READTABLE.  
 The source locations are stored in SOURCE-MAP."  
   (let* ((tab (copy-readtable readtable))  
          (*readtable* tab))  
     (dotimes (code char-code-limit)  
       (let ((char (code-char code)))  
         (multiple-value-bind (fn term) (get-macro-character char tab)  
           (when fn  
             (set-macro-character char (make-source-recorder fn source-map)  
                                  term tab)))))  
 (defun make-source-map ()  
   (make-hash-table :test #'eq))  
 (defvar *source-map* (make-source-map)  
   "The hashtable table used for source position recording.")  
 (defvar *recording-readtable-cache* '()  
   "An alist of (READTABLE . RECORDING-READTABLE) pairs.")  
 (defun lookup-recording-readtable (readtable)  
   "Find a cached or create a new recording readtable for READTABLE."  
   (or (cdr (assoc readtable *recording-readtable-cache*))  
       (let ((table (make-source-recording-readtable readtable *source-map*)))  
         (push (cons readtable table) *recording-readtable-cache*)  
 (defun read-and-record-source-map (stream)  
   "Read the next object from STREAM.  
 Return the object together with a hashtable that maps  
 subexpressions of the object to stream positions."  
   (let ((*readtable* (lookup-recording-readtable *readtable*)))  
     (clrhash *source-map*)  
     (values (read stream) *source-map*)))  
 (defun source-path-stream-position (path stream)  
   "Search the source-path PATH in STREAM and return its position."  
   (destructuring-bind (tlf-number . path) path  
     (let ((*read-suppress* t))  
       (dotimes (i tlf-number) (read stream))  
       (multiple-value-bind (form source-map)  
           (read-and-record-source-map stream)  
         (source-path-source-position (cons 0 path) form source-map)))))  
 (defun source-path-string-position (path string)  
   (with-input-from-string (s string)  
     (source-path-stream-position path s)))  
 (defun source-path-file-position (path filename)  
   (with-open-file (file filename)  
     (source-path-stream-position path file)))  
 (defun source-path-source-position (path form source-map)  
   "Return the start position of PATH form FORM and SOURCE-MAP.  All  
 subforms along the path are considered and the start and end position  
 of deepest (i.e. smallest) possible form is returned."  
   ;; compute all subforms along path  
   (let ((forms (loop for n in path  
                      for f = form then (nth n f)  
                      collect f)))  
     ;; select the first subform present in source-map  
     (loop for form in (reverse forms)  
           for positions = (gethash form source-map)  
           until (and positions (null (cdr positions)))  
           finally (destructuring-bind ((start . end)) positions  
                     (return (values (1- start) end))))))  
892  (defun code-location-stream-position (code-location stream)  (defun code-location-stream-position (code-location stream)
893    "Return the byte offset of CODE-LOCATION in STREAM.  Extract the    "Return the byte offset of CODE-LOCATION in STREAM.  Extract the
# Line 995  to find the position of the correspondin Line 954  to find the position of the correspondin
954    (safe-definition-finding    (safe-definition-finding
955     (source-location-from-code-location code-location)))     (source-location-from-code-location code-location)))
 (defslimefun getpid ()  
958  ;;;; Debugging  ;;;; Debugging
960  (defvar *sldb-stack-top*)  (defvar *sldb-stack-top*)
961  (defvar *sldb-restarts*)  (defvar *sldb-restarts*)
963  (defmethod call-with-debugging-environment (debugger-loop-fn)  (defimplementation call-with-debugging-environment (debugger-loop-fn)
964    (unix:unix-sigsetmask 0)    (unix:unix-sigsetmask 0)
965    (let* ((*sldb-stack-top* (or debug:*stack-top-hint* (di:top-frame)))    (let* ((*sldb-stack-top* (or debug:*stack-top-hint* (di:top-frame)))
966           (*sldb-restarts* (compute-restarts *swank-debugger-condition*))           (*sldb-restarts* (compute-restarts *swank-debugger-condition*))
967           (debug:*stack-top-hint* nil)           (debug:*stack-top-hint* nil))
          (*debugger-hook* nil)  
          (*readtable* (or debug:*debug-readtable* *readtable*))  
          (*print-level* debug:*debug-print-level*)  
          (*print-length* debug:*debug-print-length*)  
          (*print-readably* nil))  
968      (handler-bind ((di:debug-condition      (handler-bind ((di:debug-condition
969                      (lambda (condition)                      (lambda (condition)
970                        (signal (make-condition                        (signal (make-condition
# Line 1028  format suitable for Emacs." Line 979  format suitable for Emacs."
979          collect (list (princ-to-string (restart-name restart))          collect (list (princ-to-string (restart-name restart))
980                        (princ-to-string restart))))                        (princ-to-string restart))))
 (defun format-condition-for-emacs ()  
   (format nil "~A~%   [Condition of type ~S]"  
           (debug::safe-condition-message *swank-debugger-condition*)  
           (type-of *swank-debugger-condition*)))  
982  (defun nth-frame (index)  (defun nth-frame (index)
983    (do ((frame *sldb-stack-top* (di:frame-down frame))    (do ((frame *sldb-stack-top* (di:frame-down frame))
984         (i index (1- i)))         (i index (1- i)))
# Line 1041  format suitable for Emacs." Line 987  format suitable for Emacs."
987  (defun nth-restart (index)  (defun nth-restart (index)
988    (nth index *sldb-restarts*))    (nth index *sldb-restarts*))
990  (defun format-frame-for-emacs (frame)  (defun format-frame-for-emacs (number frame)
991    (list (di:frame-number frame)    (print-with-frame-label
992          (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)     number (lambda (*standard-output*)
993            (let ((*print-pretty* *sldb-pprint-frames*))              (debug::print-frame-call frame :verbosity 1 :number nil))))
             (debug::print-frame-call frame :verbosity 1 :number t)))))  
995  (defun compute-backtrace (start end)  (defun compute-backtrace (start end)
996    "Return a list of frames starting with frame number START and    "Return a list of frames starting with frame number START and
# Line 1055  stack." Line 1000  stack."
1000      (loop for f = (nth-frame start) then (di:frame-down f)      (loop for f = (nth-frame start) then (di:frame-down f)
1001            for i from start below end            for i from start below end
1002            while f            while f
1003            collect f)))            collect (cons i f))))
1005  (defmethod backtrace (start end)  (defimplementation backtrace (start end)
1006    (mapcar #'format-frame-for-emacs (compute-backtrace start end)))    (loop for (n . frame) in (compute-backtrace start end)
1007            collect (list n (format-frame-for-emacs n frame))))
1009  (defmethod debugger-info-for-emacs (start end)  (defimplementation debugger-info-for-emacs (start end)
1010    (list (format-condition-for-emacs)    (list (debugger-condition-for-emacs)
1011          (format-restarts-for-emacs)          (format-restarts-for-emacs)
1012          (backtrace start end)))          (backtrace start end)))
1014  (defmethod frame-source-location-for-emacs (index)  (defimplementation frame-source-location-for-emacs (index)
1015    (code-location-source-location (di:frame-code-location (nth-frame index))))    (code-location-source-location (di:frame-code-location (nth-frame index))))
1017  (defmethod eval-in-frame (form index)  (defimplementation eval-in-frame (form index)
1018    (di:eval-in-frame (nth-frame index) form))    (di:eval-in-frame (nth-frame index) form))
1020  (defslimefun pprint-eval-string-in-frame (string index)  (defslimefun pprint-eval-string-in-frame (string index)
# Line 1076  stack." Line 1022  stack."
1022     (multiple-value-list     (multiple-value-list
1023      (di:eval-in-frame (nth-frame index) (from-string string)))))      (di:eval-in-frame (nth-frame index) (from-string string)))))
1025  (defslimefun inspect-in-frame (string index)  (defimplementation frame-locals (index)
   (inspect-object (di:eval-in-frame (nth-frame index) (from-string string))))  
 (defmethod frame-locals (index)  
1026    (let* ((frame (nth-frame index))    (let* ((frame (nth-frame index))
1027           (location (di:frame-code-location frame))           (location (di:frame-code-location frame))
1028           (debug-function (di:frame-debug-function frame))           (debug-function (di:frame-debug-function frame))
1029           (debug-variables (di::debug-function-debug-variables debug-function)))           (debug-variables (di::debug-function-debug-variables debug-function)))
1030      (loop for v across debug-variables      (loop for v across debug-variables collect
1031            collect (list            (list :name (to-string (di:debug-variable-symbol v))
1032                     :symbol (di:debug-variable-symbol v)                  :id (di:debug-variable-id v)
1033                     :id (di:debug-variable-id v)                  :value (ecase (di:debug-variable-validity v location)
1034                     :value-string                           (:valid
1035                     (if (eq (di:debug-variable-validity v location)                            (di:debug-variable-value v frame))
1036                             :valid)                           ((:invalid :unknown)
1037                         (to-string (di:debug-variable-value v frame))                            "<not-available>"))))))
1039  (defmethod frame-catch-tags (index)  (defimplementation frame-catch-tags (index)
1040    (loop for (tag . code-location) in (di:frame-catches (nth-frame index))    (loop for (tag . code-location) in (di:frame-catches (nth-frame index))
1041          collect `(,tag . ,(code-location-source-location code-location))))          collect `(,tag . ,(code-location-source-location code-location))))
# Line 1105  stack." Line 1046  stack."
1046  (defslimefun sldb-abort ()  (defslimefun sldb-abort ()
1047    (invoke-restart (find 'abort *sldb-restarts* :key #'restart-name)))    (invoke-restart (find 'abort *sldb-restarts* :key #'restart-name)))
1049    (defun set-step-breakpoints (frame)
1050      (when (di:debug-block-elsewhere-p (di:code-location-debug-block
1051                                         (di:frame-code-location frame)))
1052        (error "Cannot step, in elsewhere code~%"))
1053      (let* ((code-location (di:frame-code-location frame))
1054             (debug::*bad-code-location-types*
1055              (remove :call-site debug::*bad-code-location-types*))
1056             (next (debug::next-code-locations code-location)))
1057        (cond (next
1058               (let ((steppoints '()))
1059                 (flet ((hook (frame breakpoint)
1060                          (let ((debug:*stack-top-hint* frame))
1061                            (mapc #'di:delete-breakpoint steppoints)
1062                            (let ((cl (di::breakpoint-what breakpoint)))
1063                              (break "Breakpoint: ~S ~S"
1064                                     (di:code-location-kind cl)
1065                                     (di::compiled-code-location-pc cl))))))
1066                   (dolist (code-location next)
1067                     (let ((bp (di:make-breakpoint #'hook code-location
1068                                                   :kind :code-location)))
1069                       (di:activate-breakpoint bp)
1070                       (push bp steppoints))))))
1071             (t
1072              (flet ((hook (frame breakpoint values cookie)
1073                       (declare (ignore cookie))
1074                       (di:delete-breakpoint breakpoint)
1075                       (let ((debug:*stack-top-hint* frame))
1076                         (break "Function-end: ~A ~A" breakpoint values))))
1077                (let* ((debug-function (di:frame-debug-function frame))
1078                       (bp (di:make-breakpoint #'hook debug-function
1079                                               :kind :function-end)))
1080                  (di:activate-breakpoint bp)))))))
1082    (defslimefun sldb-step (frame)
1083      (cond ((find-restart 'continue *swank-debugger-condition*)
1084             (set-step-breakpoints (nth-frame frame))
1085             (continue *swank-debugger-condition*))
1086            (t
1087             (error "Cannot continue in from condition: ~A"
1088                    *swank-debugger-condition*))))
1090    (defun frame-cfp (frame)
1091      "Return the Control-Stack-Frame-Pointer for FRAME."
1092      (etypecase frame
1093        (di::compiled-frame (di::frame-pointer frame))
1094        ((or di::interpreted-frame null) -1)))
1096    (defun frame-ip (frame)
1097      "Return the (absolute) instruction pointer and the relative pc of FRAME."
1098      (if (not frame)
1099          -1
1100          (let ((debug-fun (di::frame-debug-function frame)))
1101            (etypecase debug-fun
1102              (di::compiled-debug-function
1103               (let* ((code-loc (di:frame-code-location frame))
1104                      (component (di::compiled-debug-function-component debug-fun))
1105                      (pc (di::compiled-code-location-pc code-loc))
1106                      (ip (sys:without-gcing
1107                           (sys:sap-int
1108                            (sys:sap+ (kernel:code-instructions component) pc)))))
1109                 (values ip pc)))
1110              ((or di::bogus-debug-function di::interpreted-debug-function)
1111               -1)))))
1113    (defun frame-registers (frame)
1114      "Return the lisp registers CSP, CFP, IP, OCFP, LRA for FRAME-NUMBER."
1115      (let* ((cfp (frame-cfp frame))
1116             (csp (frame-cfp (di::frame-up frame)))
1117             (ip (frame-ip frame))
1118             (ocfp (frame-cfp (di::frame-down frame)))
1119             (lra (frame-ip (di::frame-down frame))))
1120        (values csp cfp ip ocfp lra)))
1122    (defun print-frame-registers (frame-number)
1123      (let ((frame (di::frame-real-frame (nth-frame frame-number))))
1124        (flet ((fixnum (p) (etypecase p
1125                             (integer p)
1126                             (sys:system-area-pointer (sys:sap-int p)))))
1127          (apply #'format t "~
1128    CSP  =  ~X
1129    CFP  =  ~X
1130    IP   =  ~X
1131    OCFP =  ~X
1132    LRA  =  ~X~%" (mapcar #'fixnum
1133                          (multiple-value-list (frame-registers frame)))))))
1135    (defslimefun sldb-disassemble (frame-number)
1136      "Return a string with the disassembly of frames code."
1137        (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
1138          (print-frame-registers frame-number)
1139          (terpri)
1140          (let* ((frame (di::frame-real-frame (nth-frame frame-number)))
1141                 (debug-fun (di::frame-debug-function frame)))
1142            (etypecase debug-fun
1143              (di::compiled-debug-function
1144               (let* ((component (di::compiled-debug-function-component debug-fun))
1145                      (fun (di:debug-function-function debug-fun)))
1146                 (if fun
1147                     (disassemble fun)
1148                     (disassem:disassemble-code-component component))))
1149              (di::bogus-debug-function
1150               (format t "~%[Disassembling bogus frames not implemented]"))))))
1152    #+(or)
1153    (defun print-binding-stack ()
1154      (flet ((bsp- (p) (sys:sap+ p (- (* vm:binding-size vm:word-bytes))))
1155             (frob (p offset) (kernel:make-lisp-obj (sys:sap-ref-32 p offset))))
1156        (do ((bsp (bsp- (kernel:binding-stack-pointer-sap)) (bsp- bsp))
1157             (start (sys:int-sap (lisp::binding-stack-start))))
1158            ((sys:sap= bsp start))
1159          (format t "~X:  ~S = ~S~%"
1160                  (sys:sap-int bsp)
1161                  (frob bsp (* vm:binding-symbol-slot vm:word-bytes))
1162                  (frob bsp (* vm:binding-value-slot vm:word-bytes))))))
1164    ;; (print-binding-stack)
1166    #+(or)
1167    (defun print-catch-blocks ()
1168      (do ((b (di::descriptor-sap lisp::*current-catch-block*)
1169              (sys:sap-ref-sap b (* vm:catch-block-previous-catch-slot
1170                                    vm:word-bytes))))
1171          (nil)
1172        (let ((int (sys:sap-int b)))
1173          (when (zerop int) (return))
1174          (flet ((ref (offset) (sys:sap-ref-32 b (* offset vm:word-bytes))))
1175            (let ((uwp (ref vm:catch-block-current-uwp-slot))
1176                  (cfp (ref vm:catch-block-current-cont-slot))
1177                  (tag (ref vm:catch-block-tag-slot))
1178                  )
1179          (format t "~X:  uwp = ~8X  cfp = ~8X  tag = ~X~%"
1180                  int uwp cfp (kernel:make-lisp-obj tag)))))))
1182    ;; (print-catch-blocks)
1184    #+(or)
1185    (defun print-unwind-blocks ()
1186      (do ((b (di::descriptor-sap lisp::*current-unwind-protect-block*)
1187              (sys:sap-ref-sap b (* vm:unwind-block-current-uwp-slot
1188                                    vm:word-bytes))))
1189          (nil)
1190        (let ((int (sys:sap-int b)))
1191          (when (zerop int) (return))
1192          (flet ((ref (offset) (sys:sap-ref-32 b (* offset vm:word-bytes))))
1193            (let ((cfp (ref vm:unwind-block-current-cont-slot)))
1194              (format t "~X:  cfp = ~X~%" int cfp))))))
1196    ;; (print-unwind-blocks)
1199  ;;;; Inspecting  ;;;; Inspecting
 (defvar *inspectee*)  
 (defvar *inspectee-parts*)  
 (defvar *inspector-stack* '())  
 (defvar *inspector-history* (make-array 10 :adjustable t :fill-pointer 0))  
 (defvar *inspect-length* 30)  
 (defun reset-inspector ()  
   (setq *inspectee* nil)  
   (setq *inspectee-parts* nil)  
   (setq *inspector-stack* nil)  
   (setf (fill-pointer *inspector-history*) 0))  
 (defslimefun init-inspector (string)  
   (inspect-object (eval (from-string string))))  
 (defun print-part-to-string (value)  
   (let ((*print-pretty* nil))  
     (let ((string (to-string value))  
           (pos (position value *inspector-history*)))  
       (if pos  
           (format nil "#~D=~A" pos string)  
 (defun inspect-object (object)  
   (push (setq *inspectee* object) *inspector-stack*)  
   (unless (find object *inspector-history*)  
     (vector-push-extend object *inspector-history*))  
   (multiple-value-bind (text parts) (inspected-parts object)  
     (setq *inspectee-parts* parts)  
       (list :text text  
             :type (to-string (type-of object))  
             :primitive-type (describe-primitive-type object)  
             :parts (loop for (label . value) in parts  
                          collect (cons label  
                                        (print-part-to-string value))))))  
1201  (defconstant +lowtag-symbols+  (defconstant +lowtag-symbols+
1202    '(vm:even-fixnum-type    '(vm:even-fixnum-type
1203      vm:function-pointer-type      vm:function-pointer-type
# Line 1168  stack." Line 1222  stack."
1222       (append (apropos-list "-TYPE" "VM" t)       (append (apropos-list "-TYPE" "VM" t)
1223               (apropos-list "-TYPE" "BIGNUM" t)))))               (apropos-list "-TYPE" "BIGNUM" t)))))
1225  (defun describe-primitive-type (object)  
1226    (defimplementation describe-primitive-type (object)
1227    (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)    (with-output-to-string (*standard-output*)
1228      (let* ((lowtag (kernel:get-lowtag object))      (let* ((lowtag (kernel:get-lowtag object))
1229             (lowtag-symbol (find lowtag +lowtag-symbols+ :key #'symbol-value)))             (lowtag-symbol (find lowtag +lowtag-symbols+ :key #'symbol-value)))
1230        (format t "[lowtag: ~A" lowtag-symbol)        (format t "lowtag: ~A" lowtag-symbol)
1231        (cond ((member lowtag (list vm:other-pointer-type        (when (member lowtag (list vm:other-pointer-type
1232                                    vm:function-pointer-type                                   vm:function-pointer-type
1233                                    vm:other-immediate-0-type                                   vm:other-immediate-0-type
1234                                    vm:other-immediate-1-type                                   vm:other-immediate-1-type
1235                                    ))                                   ))
1236               (let* ((type (kernel:get-type object))          (let* ((type (kernel:get-type object))
1237                      (type-symbol (find type +header-type-symbols+                 (type-symbol (find type +header-type-symbols+
1238                                         :key #'symbol-value)))                                    :key #'symbol-value)))
1239                 (format t ", type: ~A]" type-symbol)))            (format t ", type: ~A" type-symbol))))))
             (t (format t "]"))))))  
 (defun nth-part (index)  
   (cdr (nth index *inspectee-parts*)))  
 (defslimefun inspect-nth-part (index)  
   (inspect-object (nth-part index)))  
 (defslimefun inspector-pop ()  
   "Drop the inspector stack and inspect the second element.  Return  
 nil if there's no second element."  
   (cond ((cdr *inspector-stack*)  
          (pop *inspector-stack*)  
          (inspect-object (pop *inspector-stack*)))  
         (t nil)))  
 (defslimefun inspector-next ()  
   "Inspect the next element in the *inspector-history*."  
   (let ((position (position *inspectee* *inspector-history*)))  
     (cond ((= (1+ position) (length *inspector-history*))  
           (t (inspect-object (aref *inspector-history* (1+ position)))))))  
 (defslimefun quit-inspector ()  
 (defslimefun describe-inspectee ()  
   "Describe the currently inspected object."  
   (print-description-to-string *inspectee*))  
 (defgeneric inspected-parts (object)  
    "Return a short description and a list of (label . value) pairs."))  
1241  (defmethod inspected-parts (o)  (defimplementation inspected-parts (o)
1242    (cond ((di::indirect-value-cell-p o)    (cond ((di::indirect-value-cell-p o)
1243           (inspected-parts-of-value-cell o))           (inspected-parts-of-value-cell o))
1244          (t          (t
# Line 1235  nil if there's no second element." Line 1256  nil if there's no second element."
1256    (values (format nil "~A~% is a value cell." o)    (values (format nil "~A~% is a value cell." o)
1257            (list (cons "Value" (c:value-cell-ref o)))))            (list (cons "Value" (c:value-cell-ref o)))))
 ;; borrowed from sbcl  
 (defmethod inspected-parts ((object cons))  
   (if (consp (cdr object))  
       (inspected-parts-of-nontrivial-list object)  
       (inspected-parts-of-simple-cons object)))  
 (defun inspected-parts-of-simple-cons (object)  
   (values "The object is a CONS."  
           (list (cons (string 'car) (car object))  
                 (cons (string 'cdr) (cdr object)))))  
 (defun inspected-parts-of-nontrivial-list (object)  
   (let ((length 0)  
         (in-list object)  
         (reversed-elements nil))  
     (flet ((done (description-format)  
              (return-from inspected-parts-of-nontrivial-list  
                (values (format nil description-format length)  
                        (nreverse reversed-elements)))))  
        (cond ((null in-list)  
               (done "The object is a proper list of length ~S.~%"))  
              ((>= length *inspect-length*)  
               (push (cons  (string 'rest) in-list) reversed-elements)  
               (done "The object is a long list (more than ~S elements).~%"))  
              ((consp in-list)  
               (push (cons (format nil "~D" length) (pop in-list))  
               (incf length))  
               (push (cons (string 'rest) in-list) reversed-elements)  
               (done "The object is an improper list of length ~S.~%")))))))  
1259  (defmethod inspected-parts ((o function))  (defmethod inspected-parts ((o function))
1260    (let ((header (kernel:get-type o)))    (let ((header (kernel:get-type o)))
1261      (cond ((= header vm:function-header-type)      (cond ((= header vm:function-header-type)
# Line 1304  nil if there's no second element." Line 1292  nil if there's no second element."
1292            `(("Name" . ,(kernel:fdefn-name o))            `(("Name" . ,(kernel:fdefn-name o))
1293              ("Function" . ,(kernel:fdefn-function o)))))              ("Function" . ,(kernel:fdefn-function o)))))
1296    ;;;; Profiling
1297    (defimplementation profile (fname)
1298      (eval `(profile:profile ,fname)))
1300    (defimplementation unprofile (fname)
1301      (eval `(profile:unprofile ,fname)))
1303    (defimplementation unprofile-all ()
1304      (profile:unprofile)
1305      "All functions unprofiled.")
1307    (defimplementation profile-report ()
1308      (profile:report-time))
1310    (defimplementation profile-reset ()
1311      (profile:reset-time)
1312      "Reset profiling counters.")
1314    (defimplementation profiled-functions ()
1315      profile:*timed-functions*)
1317    (defimplementation profile-package (package callers methods)
1318      (profile:profile-all :package package
1319                           :callers-p callers
1320                           :methods methods))
1323    ;;;; Multiprocessing
1325    #+MP
1326    (progn
1327      (defimplementation startup-multiprocessing ()
1328        (setq *swank-in-background* :spawn)
1329        ;; Threads magic: this never returns! But top-level becomes
1330        ;; available again.
1331        (mp::startup-idle-and-top-level-loops))
1333      (defimplementation spawn (fn &key (name "Anonymous"))
1334        (mp:make-process fn :name name))
1336      (defimplementation thread-name (thread)
1337        (mp:process-name thread))
1339      (defimplementation thread-status (thread)
1340        (mp:process-whostate thread))
1342      (defimplementation current-thread ()
1343        mp:*current-process*)
1345      (defimplementation all-threads ()
1346        (copy-list mp:*all-processes*))
1348      (defimplementation interrupt-thread (thread fn)
1349        (mp:process-interrupt thread fn))
1351      (defimplementation kill-thread (thread)
1352        (mp:destroy-process thread))
1354      (defvar *mailbox-lock* (mp:make-lock "mailbox lock"))
1356      (defstruct (mailbox (:conc-name mailbox.))
1357        (mutex (mp:make-lock "process mailbox"))
1358        (queue '() :type list))
1360      (defun mailbox (thread)
1361        "Return THREAD's mailbox."
1362        (mp:with-lock-held (*mailbox-lock*)
1363          (or (getf (mp:process-property-list thread) 'mailbox)
1364              (setf (getf (mp:process-property-list thread) 'mailbox)
1365                    (make-mailbox)))))
1367      (defimplementation send (thread message)
1368        (let* ((mbox (mailbox thread))
1369               (mutex (mailbox.mutex mbox)))
1370          (mp:with-lock-held (mutex)
1371            (setf (mailbox.queue mbox)
1372                  (nconc (mailbox.queue mbox) (list message))))))
1374      (defimplementation receive ()
1375        (let* ((mbox (mailbox mp:*current-process*))
1376               (mutex (mailbox.mutex mbox)))
1377          (mp:process-wait "receive" #'mailbox.queue mbox)
1378          (mp:with-lock-held (mutex)
1379            (pop (mailbox.queue mbox)))))
1381      )
1384    ;;;; Epilogue
1385  ;;; Local Variables:  ;;; Local Variables:
1386  ;;; eval: (font-lock-add-keywords 'lisp-mode '(("(\\(defslimefun\\)\\s +\\(\\(\\w\\|\\s_\\)+\\)"  (1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-function-name-face))))  ;;; eval: (font-lock-add-keywords 'lisp-mode '(("(\\(defslimefun\\)\\s +\\(\\(\\w\\|\\s_\\)+\\)"  (1 font-lock-keyword-face) (2 font-lock-function-name-face))))
1387  ;;; End:  ;;; End:

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