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revision 1.4 by heller, Sat Aug 15 08:34:56 2009 UTC revision 1.5 by heller, Mon Aug 31 17:08:17 2009 UTC
# Line 384  Line 384 
384    (setq ccl:*select-interactive-process-hook* 'find-repl-thread)    (setq ccl:*select-interactive-process-hook* 'find-repl-thread)
385    )    )
 (let ((ccl::*warn-if-redefine-kernel* nil))  
   ;; Everybody (error, cerror, break, invoke-debugger, and async interrupts) ends up  
   ;; in CCL::BREAK-LOOP, which implements the default debugger. Regardless of how it  
   ;; was entered, make sure it runs with the swank connection state established so  
   ;; that i/o happens via emacs and there is no contention for the terminal (stdin).  
    (if (symbol-value (swank-sym *emacs-connection*))  
      (let ((conn (funcall (swank-sym default-connection))))  
        (if conn  
          (funcall (swank-sym call-with-connection) conn  
                   (lambda () (:do-it)))  
    :when :around  
    :name swank-default-debugger-context))  
387  (defun map-backtrace (function &optional  (defun map-backtrace (function &optional
388                                 (start-frame-number 0)                                 (start-frame-number 0)
389                                 (end-frame-number most-positive-fixnum))                                 (end-frame-number most-positive-fixnum))

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