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revision 1.44 by heller, Sun Apr 25 06:35:29 2004 UTC revision 1.45 by lgorrie, Sun May 2 02:16:04 2004 UTC
# Line 349  as it was called originally.") Line 349  as it was called originally.")
349  ;;;; Definition finding  ;;;; Definition finding
351  (defstruct (:location (:type list) :named  (defstruct (:location (:type list) :named
352                        (:constructor make-location (buffer position)))                        (:constructor make-location
353    buffer position)                                      (buffer position &optional hints)))
354      buffer position
355      ;; Hints is a property list optionally containing:
356      ;;   :snippet SOURCE-TEXT
357      ;;     This is a snippet of the actual source text at the start of
358      ;;     the definition, which could be used in a text search.
359      hints)
361  (defstruct (:error (:type list) :named (:constructor)) message)  (defstruct (:error (:type list) :named (:constructor)) message)
362  (defstruct (:file (:type list) :named (:constructor)) name)  (defstruct (:file (:type list) :named (:constructor)) name)

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