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revision 1.15 by lgorrie, Tue Jan 13 04:23:27 2004 UTC revision 1.16 by heller, Tue Jan 13 18:16:37 2004 UTC
# Line 95  Line 95 
96  ;;;; TCP server  ;;;; TCP server
98  (defgeneric accept-socket/stream (&key port announce-fn)  (defgeneric create-socket (port)
99    (:documentation    (:documentation "Create a listening TCP socket on port PORT."))
100     "Accept a single TCP connection and return an io stream for it.  
101  PORT is the TCP port to use; if unspecified, any can be used.  (defgeneric local-port (socket)
102  If ANNOUNCE-FN is supplied then it is called as soon as the    (:documentation "Return the local port number of SOCKET."))
103  server is listening, with the TCP port as its argument."))  
104    (defgeneric close-socket (socket)
105  (defgeneric accept-socket/run (&key port announce-fn init-fn)    (:documentation "Close the socket SOCKET."))
106    (:documentation  
107     "Accept a single TCP connection and serve requests in a loop.  (defgeneric accept-connection (socket)
108  PORT and ANNOUNCE-FN are as for ACCEPT-SOCKET/STREAM.    (:documentation
109       "Accept a client connection on the listening socket SOCKET.  Return
110  INIT-FN is called when the first client is connected. Its  a stream for the new connection."))
111  argument is the io stream connected to the socket. INIT-FN in  
112  turn returns a function HANDLER-FN, which is then called each  (defgeneric add-input-handler (socket fn)
113  time the socket becomes readable.    (:documentation "Call FN whenever SOCKET is readable."))
115  When this function returns is unspecified. It could loop to serve  (defgeneric spawn (fn &key name)
116  the connection before returning, or it could return immediately    (:documentation "Create a new process and call FN in the new process."))
 and handle the connection asynchronously."))  
118  ;;; Base condition for networking errors.  ;;; Base condition for networking errors.
119  (define-condition network-error (error) ())  (define-condition network-error (error) ())

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