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revision 1.74 by trittweiler, Sun Sep 20 10:51:50 2009 UTC revision 1.75 by heller, Sat Oct 31 08:54:46 2009 UTC
# Line 585  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load Line 585  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load
585    (defimplementation thread-status (thread)    (defimplementation thread-status (thread)
586      (format nil "Thread is ~:[dead~;alive~]" (threads:thread-alive-p thread)))      (format nil "Thread is ~:[dead~;alive~]" (threads:thread-alive-p thread)))
   ;; XXX should be a weak hash table  
   (defparameter *thread-description-map* (make-hash-table))  
   (defimplementation thread-description (thread)  
     (threads:synchronized-on *thread-description-map*  
       (or (gethash thread *thread-description-map*)  
   (defimplementation set-thread-description (thread description)  
     (threads:synchronized-on *thread-description-map*  
       (setf (gethash thread *thread-description-map*) description)))  
588    (defimplementation make-lock (&key name)    (defimplementation make-lock (&key name)
589      (declare (ignore name))      (declare (ignore name))
590      (threads:make-thread-lock))      (threads:make-thread-lock))

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