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revision 1.65 by heller, Sun Jun 21 07:22:56 2009 UTC revision 1.66 by mevenson, Tue Aug 18 09:51:12 2009 UTC
# Line 567  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load Line 567  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load
568  (defimplementation quit-lisp ()  (defimplementation quit-lisp ()
569    (ext:exit))    (ext:exit))
 ;; WORKAROUND: call/initialize accessors at load time  
 (let ((c (make-condition 'compiler-condition  
                           :original-condition nil  
                           :severity ':note :message "" :location nil))  
        (slots `(severity message short-message references location)))  
    (dolist (slot slots)  
      (funcall slot c)))  

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