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revision 1.49 by heller, Thu Apr 17 14:56:43 2008 UTC revision 1.50 by heller, Fri Aug 8 13:43:33 2008 UTC
# Line 524  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load Line 524  part of *sysdep-pathnames* in swank.load
524  (defimplementation receive ()  (defimplementation receive ()
525    (ext:mailbox-read (mailbox (ext:current-thread))))    (ext:mailbox-read (mailbox (ext:current-thread))))
 ;;; Auto-flush streams  
 ;; XXX race conditions  
 (defvar *auto-flush-streams* '())  
 (defvar *auto-flush-thread* nil)  
 (defimplementation make-stream-interactive (stream)  
   (setq *auto-flush-streams* (adjoin stream *auto-flush-streams*))  
   (unless *auto-flush-thread*  
     (setq *auto-flush-thread*  
           (ext:make-thread #'flush-streams  
                            :name "auto-flush-thread"))))  
 (defun flush-streams ()  
    (setq *auto-flush-streams*  
          (remove-if (lambda (x)  
                       (not (and (open-stream-p x)  
                                 (output-stream-p x))))  
    (mapc #'finish-output *auto-flush-streams*)  
    (sleep 0.15)))  
527  (defimplementation quit-lisp ()  (defimplementation quit-lisp ()
528    (ext:exit))    (ext:exit))

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