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Wed Jun 30 22:17:53 2004 UTC (9 years, 9 months ago) by lgorrie
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +15 -1 lines
Added security note about the TCP server.
Added notes for ACL and ABCL.
1 lgorrie 1.1 * SLIME News -*- outline -*-
3 lgorrie 1.4 * 1.0 alpha (June 2004)
4 lgorrie 1.1
5 lgorrie 1.2 This preview release of SLIME is a precursor for an upcoming 1.0
6     release. We're planning to use our "alpha period" to introduce SLIME
7     to more users, flush out bugs, and hear some final feedback that we
8     can consider for the 1.0 release.
9 lgorrie 1.1
10 lgorrie 1.2 We're tentatively planning for our alpha period to last until around
11     the end of July, then to be followed by a beta period until late
12     August when we make the finished 1.0 release. We're only interested in
13     adding or changing features during the alpha period, so if you want to
14     change something please try to get your patch applied before the end
15     of July.
17 lgorrie 1.4 Security note: SLIME has Lisp open a one-use TCP listen socket for
18     Emacs to connect to for setting up communication. With all Lisps
19     except CLISP and ABCL this socket is bound to the loopback interface
20     and thus inaccessible to remote hosts. Be aware that if an attacker
21     connected to this server port before Emacs then he could have the Lisp
22     process execute arbitrary code.
24 lgorrie 1.2 ** Supported Lisp implementations
26     Below is a list of the Lisp implementations that we support and their
27     associated caveats.
29     Note that some Lisp systems have received more development attention
30     because they're popular with the currently active SLIME developers,
31     while others have only smaller user communities so far. The support
32     for a particular Lisp is primarily written and improved by its own
33     users, and it's good for your karma to improve the backend for your
34     favourite Lisp implementation.
36     *** CMU Common Lisp
38     We support CMUCL version 18e and higher. The overall support is very
39     mature.
41     The cross-reference commands are based on the CMUCL XREF
42     package. You'll need to setup XREF information recording to use those
43     commands, and in current CMUCLs this is slightly awkward.
45 heller 1.3 The :sigio communication style conflicts with certain C libraries,
46     e.g. libSDL. You'll need to switch to :fd-handler in this case.
47     :sigio may also not work well on Solaris.
49     On FreeBSD or Irix may get errors like "NIL is not of type HOST-ENTRY"
50     or "Error binding socket to port 0: Cannot assign requested address".
51     The only known workaround at the moment is to remove the :host
52     argument in CREATE-SOCKET in swank-cmucl.lisp.
54 lgorrie 1.2 *** Steel Bank Common Lisp
56     We support SBCL version 0.8.12 and higher. The support is very mature.
58     An "SBCL exclusive" feature is reference-conditions. Some SBCL
59     conditions include a slot of documentation references (e.g. to the
60     Hyperspec and SBCL manual) and the SLIME debugger is able to format
61     these as hyperlinks.
63     For the (v)iew-source command in the debugger to find the exact source
64     expression corresponding to a stack frame, the code must have been
65     compiled with at least (optimize (debug 2)). Otherwise the results
66     will only have top-level-form precision.
68     The XREF commands are not available.
70     *** OpenMCL
72     We support OpenMCL 0.14.2p1, however our debugger can't invoke
73     restarts in this version due to a bug in
74     INVOKE-RESTART-INTERACTIVELY. This bug has been fixed in OpenMCL's CVS
75     repository and we recommend upgrading to either the CVS copy or a
76     later release if available.
78     The OpenMCL support is quite mature.
80     The XREF commands are not available.
82     *** LispWorks
84 heller 1.3 We support LispWorks version 4.1 and higher. The support is quite
85 lgorrie 1.2 mature.
87 heller 1.3 On OS X you'll have to remove the :address argument in CREATE-SOCKET
88     in swank-lispworks.lisp. This is a LispWorks bug.
90 lgorrie 1.2 *** Allegro CL
92 lgorrie 1.4 We support Allegro Common Lisp version 5.0 and higher. The support is
93     quite complete, though it hasn't yet been used as heavily as the Lisps
94     listed above.
96 lgorrie 1.2 *** CLISP
97 heller 1.3
98     We support CLISP version 2.32 or newer. You'll need a version with
99     socket support; this may require to start CLISP with "clisp -K full".
101     The backtrace for compiled functions is not very informative.
102     Interpreted code is usually easer to debug.
104     M-. (find-definition) only works if the fasl file is in the same
105     directory as the source file.
106 lgorrie 1.2
107     *** Armed Bear Common Lisp
108 lgorrie 1.4
109     We have new and experimental support for the latest CVS version of
110     ABCL.
111 lgorrie 1.1

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