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Wed Aug 15 21:40:32 2007 UTC (6 years, 8 months ago) by mcermak
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NXTLisp 0.0.1

The first commit to the repository.
NXTLisp is an Open Source project distributed under the Apache License
2.0 (see LICENSE file for more info) written in Common Lisp. Its aim
is to provide a Common Lisp library for the Lego Mindstorms NXT
robotic platform. It is heavily inspired by RCXLisp by Frank Klassner.

libbtnxtlisp contains the C library developed from scratch and used to
provide low-level access to OS BT stack. It currently supports Linux
(tested) and Win XP with SP2 (not tested). OS X support may come in
the future (help with porting the library is welcomed).

nxtlisp directory contains the CL source files (nxt.lisp,
remote-commands.lisp, protocol-commands.lisp, communication.lisp and

There's not much functionality available right now, but stay
tuned. Also, there is no documentation yet. However if you will play
around and run into any bugs, please write to the mailing list:

1 mcermak 1 NXTLisp TODO file
3     * near future:
4     - unite documentation (in .lisp)
5     - add a find_all_BT_devices function (with apropriate CL bindings)
6     - update web
8     * far future:
9     - check if every numerical calulation respects little-endianess
10     - make it asdf-installable (halfway there, probably)
11     - asdf can compile and load C functions, try it
12     - test on multiple CL implementations
13     - write a manual
14     - create example algorithms/programs
15     - check all files for TODO (constant task)
16     - add README/BUGS/... files (?)

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