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COPYING  10 years  ffjeld  Imported to common-lisp.net
asm-x86.lisp  1.39  5 years  ffjeld  From Robert Swindells: Add definition for RDMSR instruction.
asm.lisp  1.18  6 years  ffjeld  Fix unused variable.
assembly-syntax.lisp  1.4  9 years  ffjeld  Slightly cleaned up assembly-macroexpand, and added a work-around for an apparen…
bochsrc.txt  1.7  9 years  ffjeld  *** empty log message ***
bootblock.lisp  1.16  6 years  ffjeld  Make bootblock construction work: use 16-bit call targets in 16-bit mode (assemb…
browser.lisp  1.2  10 years  ffjeld  Many minor edits. Removed non-ASCII characters etc.
compiler-protocol.lisp  1.5  6 years  ffjeld  Add boolean-mode :boolean-overflow and :boolean-no-overflow.
compiler-types.lisp  1.27  5 years  ffjeld  Complex type.
compiler.lisp  1.205  5 years  ffjeld  Remove bad peephole optimized heuristic. Improved movitz-eql.
environment.lisp  1.24  5 years  ffjeld  indent.
eval.lisp  1.13  5 years  ffjeld  Don't coerce to function.
image.lisp  1.126  5 years  ffjeld  Have dump-image be more resilient against cyclic structures.
load.lisp  1.14  6 years  ffjeld  Remove dead cruft.
movitz-mode.el  1.10  8 years  ffjeld  Added movitz-disassemble-method, and use it in movitz-mode.el.
movitz.asd  1.3  6 years  ffjeld  Provide.
movitz.lisp  1.12  7 years  ffjeld  Make NIL the default value for *image*.
muerte-packages.lisp  1.1  10 years  ffjeld  Added this file, really as a work-around for an LW bug, but also I'm thinking pe…
multiboot.lisp  1.5  9 years  ffjeld  Patch from Eric Marsden.
packages.lisp  1.61  5 years  ffjeld  more muerte symbols.
parse.lisp  1.11  4 years  ffjeld  Fix from Willem Broekema: There's a bug in unfold-circular-list, in that it call…
procfs-image.lisp  1.26  7 years  ffjeld  Move funobj-name to storage-types.lisp.
special-operators-cl.lisp  1.55  5 years  ffjeld  Indent.
special-operators.lisp  1.59  6 years  ffjeld  Tweak assembly-macro :lexical-store.
storage-types.lisp  1.65  5 years  ffjeld  Remove old movitz-eql.
stream-image.lisp  1.13  8 years  ffjeld  *** empty log message ***
udp6-send.py  10 years  ffjeld  Imported to common-lisp.net
web-update.sh  1.1  10 years  ffjeld  *** empty log message ***

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