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revision 1.8 by kaz, Tue Apr 22 06:28:16 2003 UTC revision 1.9 by kaz, Sat Jan 31 23:09:58 2004 UTC
# Line 26  Line 26 
26        (dolist (entry old-mapping)        (dolist (entry old-mapping)
27          (with-slots (id kind) entry          (with-slots (id kind) entry
28            (when (eq kind :file)            (when (eq kind :file)
29              (let ((file-info (stat id)))              (let ((file-info (no-existence-error (stat id))))
30                (setf (gethash (inode file-info) inode-hash) entry)))))                (unless file-info
31                    (restart-case
32                      (error "~a does not exist." id)
33                      (continue () :report "Remove it from the map.")))
34                  (when file-info
35                    (setf (gethash (inode file-info) inode-hash) entry))))))
36        (for-each-file-info (fi ".")        (for-each-file-info (fi ".")
37          (let* ((path (canonicalize-path (file-name fi)))          (let* ((path (canonicalize-path (file-name fi)))
38                 (abs-path (real-to-abstract-path path)))                 (abs-path (real-to-abstract-path path)))

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