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revision 1.33 by kaz, Fri Nov 24 04:53:50 2006 UTC revision 1.34 by kaz, Tue Nov 28 04:12:08 2006 UTC
# Line 4  Line 4 
5  (in-package :meta-cvs)  (in-package :meta-cvs)
7  (defun mcvs-create (module release &optional global-options command-options)  (defun create (module release &optional global-options command-options)
8    (multiple-value-bind (path created) (ensure-directories-exist *mcvs-map*)    (multiple-value-bind (path created) (ensure-directories-exist *mcvs-map*)
9      (declare (ignore path))      (declare (ignore path))
10      (if (not created)      (if (not created)
# Line 117  Line 117 
117            (delete-recursive *mcvs-dir*)))))            (delete-recursive *mcvs-dir*)))))
118    (values))    (values))
120  (defun mcvs-create-wrapper (cvs-options cvs-command-options mcvs-args)  (defun create-wrapper (cvs-options cvs-command-options mcvs-args)
121    (if (< (length mcvs-args) 2)    (if (< (length mcvs-args) 2)
122      (error "specify module and release tag."))      (error "specify module and release tag."))
123    (destructuring-bind (module release &rest superfluous) mcvs-args    (destructuring-bind (module release &rest superfluous) mcvs-args
124      (when superfluous      (when superfluous
125        (error "specify only module and release tag."))        (error "specify only module and release tag."))
126      (mcvs-create module release cvs-options cvs-command-options)))      (create module release cvs-options cvs-command-options)))
128  (defconstant *create-help*  (defconstant *create-help*
129  "Syntax:  "Syntax:

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