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Revision 1.9 - (show annotations)
Sat Feb 2 22:10:21 2002 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: mcvs-0-3
Changes since 1.8: +3 -3 lines
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1 Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3 Release 0.3, 2002-02-02:
5 Process termination done is properly in top level handler, by a nonlocal
6 exit. The program properly indicates failed termination when it exits
7 due to an error condition.
9 Corrections are made in the command line option processing. If z is an
10 option that takes an argument, and the argument is -zx, then x is
11 treated as the argument to the option. Long options arguments are
12 recognized properly, according to the --opt=arg convention. The option
13 processing is restructured. Most of the commands now take the
14 appropriate cvs command-specific options.
16 The update algorithm performs dupe checking over the map, which could
17 happen during a merge.
19 Some more bugfixing has been done to the move command. It was still not
20 handling right some cases of an unversioned file being clobbered. Also,
21 it wasn't renaming a directory containing just one file.
23 I did some performance investigation for larger file sets, and
24 ended up rewriting the code that computes filesystem restructuring
25 changes and map duplicates.
27 Release 0.2, 2002-01-30:
29 Changed official name from MCVS to Meta-CVS. The move command now
30 performs some filesystem tests so it does the right thing when a versioned
31 file is moved over a non-versioned file, or when a file is moved into
32 a directory not known to Meta-CVS. Factored out reading and writing of
33 map files into functions.
35 Release 0.1, 2002-01-28:
37 Support for mcvs diff -u added. The -R option works for mcvs add command.
38 Bug fixed in mcvs mv command; it wasn't working analogously to the Unix
39 mv command when copying a directory to an existing directory.
41 Release 0.0, 2002-01-27:
43 This is alpha software. It is not complete, and lacks documentation. However,
44 it is already usable in its present state and is being used for version control
45 by its author. If you can program in Common Lisp and would like to help, take
46 a look through the TODO file. Send me patches, ideas, feature requests.

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