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Revision 1.48 - (show annotations)
Thu Apr 4 18:57:46 2002 UTC (12 years ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: deferred-adds-branch~branch-point
Branch point for: deferred-adds-branch
Changes since 1.47: +6 -1 lines
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1 Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3 Release 0.11, 2002-04-??:
5 Bugfix: when branch invokes rtag, it now takes the CVSROOT information
6 from CVS/Root and passes it via -d. This is necessary because rtag does not
7 look at a local CVS subdirectory for this information, only the
8 -d option or the environment variable.
10 Command for listing branches added (list-branches or lb). Also shows
11 what sticky tag the sandbox is updated to.
13 Command for switching branches added (switch or sw).
15 Merge detects that working copy is on non-branch tag and bails.
17 Release 0.10, 2002-04-03:
19 Automatic merging implemented. Branch is created using branch command,
20 and merging from another branch is done using simple merge command.
21 Meta-CVS maintains the tags to keep track of what has been merged
22 from what branch to what branch.
24 Bugfix: checkout -d foo bar was complaining about directory bar already
25 existing, even though it should only care about foo.
27 The remove command now requires explicit -R option to recursively remove
28 a directory. It has more detailed error reporting.
30 The move command has better error reporting.
32 Release 0.9, 2002-03-14:
34 Bugfix: the .cvsignore file is now subject to tagging, status, etc,
35 (unless --nometa is specified, of course).
37 The mcvs filt command takes -r <revision> or -D <date> parameters.
38 This means to retrieve the MAP file as of the specified revision or
39 date and use that mapping to perform the filtering translation,
40 rather than using MAP-LOCAL.
42 The mcvs update command takes filename arguments now and also
43 supports the -p option.
45 Release 0.8, 2002-03-13:
47 Bug fixed in mcvs add; it was not ignoring files that are already
48 listed as :ignore in MCVS/TYPES.
50 Bug fixed in mcvs move: a target with a trailing slash is now treated
51 as a directory (if it does not already exist and is a non-directory).
53 The -d option of mcvs checkout can now be used to override the checkout
54 directory, which is normally the same as the module name.
56 The global options --version, --help, -q, -Q and -e are now supported.
58 New global options --error-continue and --error-terminate to disable
59 interactive error handling in two different ways.
61 Log level of many messages has changed; many messages have been
62 relegated to debug level.
64 The import command now creates a .cvsignore file containing the name
67 Release 0.7, 2002-03-09:
69 The import command collects a list of the file suffixes and brings up
70 a text editor to allow the user to edit their CVS keyword expansion
71 behavior. This information is kept in a new metafile called TYPES. The
72 add command also updates TYPES; it identifies any suffixes which are new,
73 and brings up an editor. The F- files now carry suffixes, which
74 simplifies interfacing with CVS, and also allows cvswrappers to work.
76 Recursive add works (mcvs add -R ...).
78 New command line option --nometa allows metafiles to be excluded from
79 diff, tag, and other commands; without the option they are inserted
80 into the list of files to be processed.
82 The commit option now takes an optional list of files or directories,
83 just like tag, diff, and others.
85 Release 0.6, 2002-02-16:
87 The add operation was horribly broken in 0.5, it is fixed.
89 User can interactively select whether to clobber local files or leave
90 everything alone. Effects on the mapping file of a mcvs move are undone,
91 if the restructuring is rolled back, or raises a condition that leads
92 to termination.
94 Meta-CVS now keeps a new meta-file called MCVS/TYPES. This is created
95 during import, and specifies the CVS keyword expansion mode for files
96 having given suffixes, and can also tell Meta-CVS to ignore certain files
97 when importing or adding.
99 Release 0.5, 2002-02-10:
101 Much improved error handling. Filesystem rearranging code performs
102 sanity checks to prevent adds and moves from accidentally clobbering
103 local files. A rearranging gone bad can be rolled back. Effects
104 of a failed mcvs add can also be rolled back.
106 MAP-LOCAL is now sorted in the same way as MAP.
108 Release 0.4, 2002-02-04:
110 CVS is invoked using internal function resembling the xargs utility,
111 which ensures that multiple command lines are generated if necessary to
112 avoid surpassing the operating system limit on argument and environment
113 vector size. This is important when someone wants to diff or stat a
114 subdirectory, which requires Meta-CVS to pick out the individual files
115 at the CVS level.
117 The tag, log, status and annotate commands are now available.
119 The MAP file is sorted on F- file names now, not path names. This
120 improves merging, since files do not move within the file when
121 they are renamed.
123 Release 0.3, 2002-02-02:
125 Process termination done is properly in top level handler, by a nonlocal
126 exit. The program properly indicates failed termination when it exits
127 due to an error condition.
129 Corrections are made in the command line option processing. If z is an
130 option that takes an argument, and the argument is -zx, then x is
131 treated as the argument to the option. Long options arguments are
132 recognized properly, according to the --opt=arg convention. The option
133 processing is restructured. Most of the commands now take the
134 appropriate cvs command-specific options.
136 The update algorithm performs dupe checking over the map, which could
137 happen during a merge.
139 Some more bugfixing has been done to the move command. It was still not
140 handling right some cases of an unversioned file being clobbered. Also,
141 it wasn't renaming a directory containing just one file.
143 I did some performance investigation for larger file sets, and
144 ended up rewriting the code that computes filesystem restructuring
145 changes and map duplicates.
147 Release 0.2, 2002-01-30:
149 Changed official name from MCVS to Meta-CVS. The move command now
150 performs some filesystem tests so it does the right thing when a versioned
151 file is moved over a non-versioned file, or when a file is moved into
152 a directory not known to Meta-CVS. Factored out reading and writing of
153 map files into functions.
155 Release 0.1, 2002-01-28:
157 Support for mcvs diff -u added. The -R option works for mcvs add command.
158 Bug fixed in mcvs mv command; it wasn't working analogously to the Unix
159 mv command when copying a directory to an existing directory.
161 Release 0.0, 2002-01-27:
163 This is alpha software. It is not complete, and lacks documentation.
164 However, it is already usable in its present state and is being used for
165 version control by its author. If you can program in Common Lisp and would
166 like to help, take a look through the TODO file. Send me patches, ideas,
167 feature requests.

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