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revision by kaz, Mon Jul 26 05:38:47 2004 UTC revision 1.196 by kaz, Mon Mar 10 00:19:32 2008 UTC
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1                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3  Release 1.0.14, 2004-??-??:  Release 1.1.99, 2008-0?-??:
5    Fix for build problem on CLISP patch revisions that have a third version    Build doesn't require lndir tool.
6    number, for example "2.32.1".  
7    Release 1.1.98, 2008-03-07:
9      Support for old CLISP versions is dropped. The oldest CLISP version that
10      this release has been tested with is 2.38.
12      Support for POSIX as a general platform is dropped. Instead, specific
13      operating system implementations are targetted directly, directly using
14      entry points into their shared libraries. This is not only more efficient,
15      but makes Meta-CVS easier to install. No C compiling and linking of a
16      custom CLISP image is required.  The only operating systems supported in
17      this release are Linux (glibc 2.3 or newer) and Cygwin (1.5.22-1 or newer).
19      The mcvs-upgrade script is gone.
21      A mcvs-debug command is now installed along with mcvs. This is just like
22      mcvs, but not compiled. If mcvs breaks, reproducing the problem using
23      mcvs-debug can be helpful.
25      A small bugfix was done to "mcvs filt", as well as a minor enhancement.
26      When CVS reports that a backup file was created having a name such as
27      1.1.#F-1ADF...391, the filter recognizes this .# prefix in front of the
28      F- and will not perform the substitution. Previously, the substitution
29      was performed, resulting in a misleading output from the filter, suggesting
30      that a backup copy of a file was created under the actual name.
32      It is now no longer necessary to pipe the output of mcvs through mcvs fi.
33      It is done automatically for most of the commands where doing so makes sense.
34      The filtering is done in a forked child process, but without exec'ing a new
35      process image, and it is only done around calls to cvs. It can be turned
36      off with a new global option --nofilt.
38      There was an issue building Meta-CVS with CLISP patch revisions that have a
39      third version number, for example "2.32.1". This was fixed in July 2004,
40      but never released. The fix doesn't exist any longer, since the CLISP
41      version check, and the code which depended on it, is completely gone.
43      New -x global option feature: takes an argument which is parsed as
44      a Lisp expression (in the MCVS package) and evaluated.
46      The -i option may appear more than once.
48    Release 1.1.0, 2004-03-12:
50      All Lisp symbols are in a package. Compiling and loading is simplified,
51      and more portable.
53  Release 1.0.13, 2004-03-12:  Release 1.0.13, 2004-03-12:

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