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revision 1.127 by kaz, Mon Oct 7 03:53:17 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Wed Apr 23 05:37:35 2003 UTC
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1                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3    Release 1.0.7, 2003-0?-??:
5      Revamped error recovery logic. To continue in an error situation now
6      consistently means ``take the bold action that may erase data''
7      or ``proceed in the most obvious way to finish the specified job''.
8      It never means ``roll back the operation and bail''. This recovery action is
9      now referred to as bailing, and is identified by the `B' command in
10      the error handler menu, whenever available. Errors that have more information
11      to print, like a list of files or whatever, now indicate it in a standard
12      way which translates to the `I' menu command.
14      A new --error-bail option chooses the `B' behavior non-interactively.
16      Chatter output goes to standard error rather than standard output,
17      as do all error messages.
19      The interactive error menu now talks to the user using the controlling
20      tty, meaning that it will work even if the input or output of the
21      mcvs command are redirected. If no controlling tty is available, then
22      interactive error handling is disabled; the default behavior then like
23      --error-bail but can of course be overridden with the other --error-*
24      options.
26    Release 1.0.6, 2003-04-14:
28      The create command detects the existence of text editor backup files (or
29      other junk) in the MCVS directory after the editor is invoked on the
30      TYPES file. The user is prompted regarding their removal. If these files are
31      not removed, cvs import will bring them into the repository.
33      When Meta-CVS has to split a large CVS command into two or more
34      invocations with shorter argument lists, it now does not stop when one of
35      these invocations is unsuccessful; it does all of them, and combines
36      their termination indications by a logical AND. There was a bug in this
37      logic also which caused, upon termination failure, a cvs command to be
38      repeated for the same list of files.
40      Synchronization logic has been revamped. Unnecessary synchronizations
41      have been removed, which will make some commands run faster.
42      Synchronizations now have specific directions; for instance before
43      a CVS commit or update, changes are pushed from the directory tree to the MCVS
44      directory only, and after the CVS operation, in the reverse direction only.
46      Meta-CVS will no longer re-create missing F- files by linking from the
47      directory tree. Doing this causes two problems. One is that if a user
48      manually removes a F- file and do ``mcvs up'', she wants CVS to fetch a clean
49      copy and push it into the tree. She does not want the file to be restored
50      from the tree prior to the CVS update. Secondly, sometimes CVS itself
51      removes files. If we re-create the files, CVS will consider them to
52      be ``in the way''.
54      Failures to read from the MAP or MAP-LOCAL files are treated as interactive,
55      continuable errors. By continuing, the user agrees that the behavior will
56      be as if an empty map were read.
58      The grab command uses less memory for performing move analysis.
60    Release 1.0.5, 2003-02-25:
62      Bugfix: some one-argument command line options of CVS must be
63      specifies as a single parameter, with no separation between the
64      option letter and the argument characters. For example:
66        cvs log -r rev-1::rev-2      # invalid
67        cvs log -rrev1::rev2         # correct
69      Meta-CVS accepts either syntax, but it was generating the first form
70      when calling CVS. Now, *all* one-letter options that have an argument
71      are formatted in the second manner.
73      Bugfix: one more waitpid() issue was fixed; on fast machines, under
74      Linux, it was observed that from time to time Meta-CVS would get
75      a -1/ECHILD when waiting for the CVS process.
77    Release 1.0.4, 2003-02-20:
79      Fix remaining occurences of the CVS ``No child processes'' abort
80      problem, affecting the list-branches command, merge command
81      and the -r option of the filt command.
83    Release 1.0.3, 2003-02-12:
85      ! THIS RELEASE IS WITHDRAWN. It was accidentally created from the
86      ! experimental main trunk of the Meta-CVS codebase, rather than
87      ! the 1.0 branch. But 1.0.4 does contain all of the changes
88      ! described here.
90      Fix for the CVS ``No child processes'' abort problem. It turns out
91      that CLISP sets the signal handling action for the SIGCHLD signal
92      to SIG_IGN, which is inherited by child processes across the
93      fork() and execvp() calls used in our mcvs_spawn() function.
94      We correct the problem by resetting the signal handler to SIG_DFL
95      just before executing the new process image.
97      New feature, --up option. The argument is a nonnegative integer value
98      (default is zero) which specifies how many sandbox nesting levels to
99      escape out of when locating the sandbox root. This helps work with
100      nested Meta-CVS sandboxes.
102    Release 1.0.2, 2003-02-10:
104      Bugfix in waitpid logic in the C library for running external processes;
105      we were not dealing with an interrupted waitpid.
107      Behavior of mcvs tag is changed: when there are no filename arguments,
108      the whole tree is tagged including the metafiles. In other words, it
109      now works like the commit command.
111    Release 1.0.1, 2003-01-30:
113      Hard link sync optimization: update of a subset of files, commit, and
114      other operations like log and diff don't need to synchronize all
115      hard links, just the ones operated on.
117      The merge and remerge commands support -k option for overriding
118      CVS keyword expansion mode.
120      Fixes to getcwd error handling.
122      Improvement in install.sh script's logic for locating CLISP installation
123      directory.
125    Release 1.0, 2003-01-01:
127      NOTE: It's not possible to upgrade to this release via mcvs-upgrade,
128      because it adds some new C functions to the Lisp executable.
130      Security fix: read-time evaluation was not suppressed when reading
131      structured data, like MCVS/MAP and MCVS/TYPES. This means that it
132      was possible for Alice to check in something that would execute
133      arbitrary code on Bob's computer.
135      Optimization: use fork and exec to launch CVS rather than CLISP's
136      run-program function, which indirects through the shell interpreter.
137      (On Cygwin, the spawnvp function is used).
139      Performance fix: stat() was being called superfluously by the
140      hard synchronization code, twice for each file.
142      Build fix: install.sh works when CLISP executable is called ``lisp.exe'',
143      which is the case under Cygwin with newer CLISP releases.
145    Release 0.99, 2002-11-17:
147      New link command for creating symbolic links.
149      Global option -n (dry run---don't modify filesystem) is processed
150      internally now, not just passed to CVS.
152      Failure to invoke text editor is handled.
154      The -r option of filt is fixed; it has been broken since the change to the
155      new MAP format, because it was reading the raw map representation, not
156      passing it through the right conversion steps that are needed now.
158      Bugfix to purge and remap commands: they were fooled by CVS-generated
159      files in the MCVS/CVS directory. Specifically, files having F- names, and a
160      the suffix ,t.
162      Bugfix to add logic in directory restructuring: there was the possibility
163      of mistakingly taking a clobbered local file to be a new local version of
164      the added file, instead of replacing it. This could happen if the local
165      file had a future timestamp relative to the one coming from the repository.
167      The prop command does not synchronize or write out map if no options are
168      specified.
170      Help text added for move and branch commands. Help text for grab rewritten.
172      The CVSEDITOR and VISUAL environment variables are now checked, not
173      only EDITOR.
175    Release 0.98, 2002-10-13:
177      The prop command was mistakenly reading from MAP-LOCAL and writing to MAP,
178      which could cause information loss if the two differ. It now reads from MAP
179      and writes to MAP. (The property changes propagate to MAP-LOCAL by the
180      update operation invoked by prop, as before).
182      Invocation of external programs included in debug trace.
184      The filt command does not filter F- names if they are immediately preceded by
185      the MCVS/ prefix; such occurences are clearly concrete, sandbox-relative
186      references to the actual F- links, rather than abstract references.
188      The update command now supports the -C option, to fetch the repository
189      copy, throwing away local changes. It also now honors the --metaonly
190      and --nometa options.
192      The export command has been added, for checking out documents without creating
193      a working copy (no MCVS directory in the root of the checkout).
195      The watch command has been added. Note that its syntax differs from that
196      of CVS.
198      The watchers, editors, edit, and unedit commands have been added.
200      A script called mcvs-upgrade is now included, and installs alongside the mcvs
201      script.  This allows the Meta-CVS Lisp image to recompile and patch itself,
202      giving users of binary distributions an easy way to upgrade from source
203      code.
205  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:
207    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin

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