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revision 1.127 by kaz, Mon Oct 7 03:53:17 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Sun Oct 13 22:39:20 2002 UTC
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1                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3    Release 0.98, 2002-10-??:
5      Debug tracing shows command execution.
7      The filt command does not filter F- names if they are immediately preceded by
8      the MCVS/ prefix; such occurences are clearly concrete, sandbox-relative
9      references to the actual F- links, rather than abstract references.
11      The update command now supports the -C option, to fetch the repository
12      copy, throwing away local changes. It also now honors the --metaonly
13      and --nometa options.
15      The export command has been added, for checking out documents without creating
16      a working copy (no MCVS directory in the root of the checkout).
18  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:
20    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin

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