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revision 1.127 by kaz, Mon Oct 7 03:53:17 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Tue Dec 3 08:04:58 2002 UTC
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1                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS                         Release Notes for Meta-CVS
3    Release 1.0, 200?-??-??:
5      Security fix: read-time evaluation was not suppressed when reading
6      structured data, like MCVS/MAP and MCVS/TYPES. This means that it
7      was possible for Alice to check in something that would execute
8      arbitrary code on Bob's computer.
10      Optimization: use fork and exec to launch CVS rather than CLISP's
11      run-program function, which indirects through the shell interpreter.
13      Performance fix: stat() was being called superfluously by the
14      hard synchronization code, twice for each file.
16    Release 0.99, 2002-11-17:
18      New link command for creating symbolic links.
20      Global option -n (dry run---don't modify filesystem) is processed
21      internally now, not just passed to CVS.
23      Failure to invoke text editor is handled.
25      The -r option of filt is fixed; it has been broken since the change to the
26      new MAP format, because it was reading the raw map representation, not
27      passing it through the right conversion steps that are needed now.
29      Bugfix to purge and remap commands: they were fooled by CVS-generated
30      files in the MCVS/CVS directory. Specifically, files having F- names, and a
31      the suffix ,t.
33      Bugfix to add logic in directory restructuring: there was the possibility
34      of mistakingly taking a clobbered local file to be a new local version of
35      the added file, instead of replacing it. This could happen if the local
36      file had a future timestamp relative to the one coming from the repository.
38      The prop command does not synchronize or write out map if no options are
39      specified.
41      Help text added for move and branch commands. Help text for grab rewritten.
43      The CVSEDITOR and VISUAL environment variables are now checked, not
44      only EDITOR.
46    Release 0.98, 2002-10-13:
48      The prop command was mistakenly reading from MAP-LOCAL and writing to MAP,
49      which could cause information loss if the two differ. It now reads from MAP
50      and writes to MAP. (The property changes propagate to MAP-LOCAL by the
51      update operation invoked by prop, as before).
53      Invocation of external programs included in debug trace.
55      The filt command does not filter F- names if they are immediately preceded by
56      the MCVS/ prefix; such occurences are clearly concrete, sandbox-relative
57      references to the actual F- links, rather than abstract references.
59      The update command now supports the -C option, to fetch the repository
60      copy, throwing away local changes. It also now honors the --metaonly
61      and --nometa options.
63      The export command has been added, for checking out documents without creating
64      a working copy (no MCVS directory in the root of the checkout).
66      The watch command has been added. Note that its syntax differs from that
67      of CVS.
69      The watchers, editors, edit, and unedit commands have been added.
71      A script called mcvs-upgrade is now included, and installs alongside the mcvs
72      script.  This allows the Meta-CVS Lisp image to recompile and patch itself,
73      giving users of binary distributions an easy way to upgrade from source
74      code.
76  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:  Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:
78    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin    Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin

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