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Revision 1.141 - (hide annotations)
Mon Oct 28 04:01:15 2002 UTC (11 years, 5 months ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.140: +5 -0 lines
Merging from mcvs-1-0-branch.

Bugfix to the directory restructuring code. A clobbering
file add was not actually removing the clobbered file, but leaving
it up to the synchronization algorithm, so the time-stamp would
decide whether the local file gets clobbered by the repository one,
or whether it wins.

* code/mapping.lisp (mapping-update): Logic for handling added
file ensures that a clobbered local file is removed first.
1 kaz 1.115 Release Notes for Meta-CVS
2 kaz 1.1
3 kaz 1.135 Release 0.99, 2002-1?-??:
5 kaz 1.140 New link command for creating symbolic links.
7 kaz 1.135 Failure to invoke text editor is handled.
9 kaz 1.136 The -r option of filt is fixed; it has been broken since the change to the
10     new MAP format, because it was reading the raw map representation, not
11     passing it through the right conversion steps that are needed now.
13 kaz 1.138 Bugfix to purge and remap commands: they were fooled by CVS-generated
14     files in the MCVS/CVS directory. Specifically, files having F- names, and a
15     the suffix ,t.
17 kaz 1.141 Bugfix to add logic in directory restructuring: there was the possibility
18     of mistakingly taking a clobbered local file to be a new local version of
19     the added file, instead of replacing it. This could happen if the local
20     file had a future timestamp relative to the one coming from the repository.
22 kaz 1.139 Help text added for move command. Help text for grab rewritten.
23 kaz 1.137
24 kaz 1.134 Release 0.98, 2002-10-13:
25 kaz 1.128
26 kaz 1.133 The prop command was mistakenly reading from MAP-LOCAL and writing to MAP,
27     which could cause information loss if the two differ. It now reads from MAP
28     and writes to MAP. (The property changes propagate to MAP-LOCAL by the
29     update operation invoked by prop, as before).
31     Invocation of external programs included in debug trace.
32 kaz 1.128
33     The filt command does not filter F- names if they are immediately preceded by
34     the MCVS/ prefix; such occurences are clearly concrete, sandbox-relative
35     references to the actual F- links, rather than abstract references.
37 kaz 1.129 The update command now supports the -C option, to fetch the repository
38     copy, throwing away local changes. It also now honors the --metaonly
39     and --nometa options.
40 kaz 1.130
41     The export command has been added, for checking out documents without creating
42     a working copy (no MCVS directory in the root of the checkout).
43 kaz 1.131
44 kaz 1.133 The watch command has been added. Note that its syntax differs from that
45     of CVS.
46 kaz 1.132
47     The watchers, editors, edit, and unedit commands have been added.
48 kaz 1.134
49     A script called mcvs-upgrade is now included, and installs alongside the mcvs
50     script. This allows the Meta-CVS Lisp image to recompile and patch itself,
51     giving users of binary distributions an easy way to upgrade from source
52     code.
54 kaz 1.127 Release 0.97, 2002-10-06:
55 kaz 1.119
56     Meta-CVS now builds and runs on Microsoft Windows, under Cygwin
57     (www.cygwin.com). It still relies on hard links, which requires
58     Windows 2000 or XP, and the NTFS filesystem. It probably won't
59     work over FAT.
60 kaz 1.120
61     New --debug option for verbose output.
63     Cleaned up of error messages. Error messages don't specify prefixes like
64     ``mcvs-add:'' or ``mcvs-grab:'' any more. Rather, the error handler adds the
65     ``mcvs:'' prefix when printing the messages in a situation when the error is
66     not continuable.
67 kaz 1.119
68 kaz 1.121 Fixed bug introduced in release 0.13: mcvs add -R was adding only
69     directories, effectively ignoring arguments that are regular files.
70 kaz 1.122 The error-continuation behavior of mcvs add has been revised.
71 kaz 1.121
72 kaz 1.125 Trying to rename an object onto itself, or to move the sandbox root
73     directory are no longer silent no-ops, but produce an error.
74 kaz 1.123
75 kaz 1.124 The remap command now preserves property lists, and picks up changes
76     in executable permission.
78     The grab command now notices when a file changes from having execute
79     permission to not having execute permission.
81 kaz 1.126 Operations on the path . now work in a partial sandbox.
83 kaz 1.118 Release 0.96, 2002-09-21:
84 kaz 1.110
85     The restore command was left broken during the change to the new
86     filemap format. It is now fixed.
88 kaz 1.111 The grab command now handles execute permission bits properly.
90 kaz 1.112 Some more commands have detailed help.
92 kaz 1.113 There is now a global option -i which specifies a script to be
93 kaz 1.114 executed. This allows Meta-CVS to be scripted using Lisp. For
94     instance suppose you have the following script and call it
95     list-matching:
96 kaz 1.113
97     #!/usr/local/bin/mcvs -i
98     (in-sandbox-root-dir
99 kaz 1.114 (let ((mapping (mapping-read *mcvs-map*))
100 kaz 1.117 (test-func (eval (read-from-string (pop *args*)))))
101 kaz 1.114 (dolist (entry mapping)
102     (with-slots (path raw-plist) entry
103 kaz 1.117 (when (funcall test-func raw-plist)
104 kaz 1.114 (format t "~a~%" path))))))
106     Then to list the names of files whose "importance" property is
107     a value greater than two, run:
109     ./list-matching '(lambda (plist)
110     (let ((imp (getf plist :importance)))
111     (and imp (> imp 2))))'
112 kaz 1.117
113     WARNING: Scripting accesses the guts of Meta-CVS directly, so scripts may
114     break as Meta-CVS is maintained. There is currently no published set of
115     stable interfaces.
116 kaz 1.113
117 kaz 1.109 Release 0.95, 2002-09-16:
118 kaz 1.104
119 kaz 1.107 The install.sh script no longer uses a borrowed copy of the clisp-link script
120     or the linkkit directory; these have been removed. These materials
121     are available at every CLISP installation; install.sh now finds them
122     and uses them. Users of non-x86 machines ran into problems because of this
123     because linkkit/clisp.h contains architecture-dependent information.
124 kaz 1.104
125 kaz 1.105 A bug in mcvs filt was fixed; it wasn't handling F- names that aren't found
126     in the map.
128 kaz 1.108 A more detailed help system now exists, though it's not complete. The ``mcvs
129     help'' command acts just like ``mcvs --help'' without any arguments. If given
130     an additional parameter which specifies a Meta-CVS command, it produces more
131     detailed documentation for that comand. Help exists already for a few
132     commands.
134 kaz 1.107 The release number is being warped to 0.95, which means that Meta-CVS is now
135     in beta. It is only five updates away from a 1.0 release.
136 kaz 1.106
137 kaz 1.103 Release 0.24, 2002-09-08:
138 kaz 1.98
139 kaz 1.99 The mapping entries for both symlinks and files have extensible property
140     lists now. These are stored in the optional fourth and fifth list elements,
141     respectively of the :FILE and :SYMLINK map entries.
143     Versioning of the execute permission of files is supported, represented as
144     the :EXEC property of a :FILE mapping entry.
145 kaz 1.98
146 kaz 1.100 Some lame syntax is provided for manipulating properties:
148 kaz 1.102 mcvs prop --set foo --clear bar --remove baz main.c list.c
149 kaz 1.100
150     will set the property FOO to true, set the property BAR to false,
151     and remove the property BAZ, in the files main.c and list.c.
152     The execute permission is represented by the property EXEC.
154 kaz 1.97 Release 0.23, 2002-09-02:
155 kaz 1.95
156 kaz 1.96 Bugfix: the grab command notices edited symlinks and incorporates the
157     changes into the mapping.
159     The grab command now figures out moved symlinks. Moved symlinks are those
160     whose pathname has changed, but which continue to point to the same object
161     (which may also have been moved).
162 kaz 1.95
163 kaz 1.94 Release 0.22, 2002-08-31:
164 kaz 1.93
165     Symbolic links are now versioned objects. The format of the MAP file
166     changes to accomodate this; the new Meta-CVS will read old MAP
167     files; when it writes it will write the new format. Old Meta-CVS won't
168     read the new format.
170     When a new module is created from an existing file tree, symbolic
171     links will be recognized and added. The add command will also add
172     symbolic links. Symbolic links can be renamed and moved; this does
173     nothing with their contents. They can point outside of the sandbox
174     using relative or absolute paths.
176 kaz 1.94 TODO:
178 kaz 1.93 There doesn't exist yet a special command to create symbolic links, nor to
179     retarget them; retargetting a link can be done manually by editing MCVS/MAP
180     and updating. Retargetting a link using the ln -s command, won't
181 kaz 1.94 backpropagate to the MAP file; an update will clobber the link.
183     The grab command does not yet compute symbolic link moves; a moved symbolic
184     link is treated as a remove and add. This will be easy to fix.
186     The remap command ignores symlinks.
187 kaz 1.93
188 kaz 1.92 Release 0.21, 2002-08-04:
189 kaz 1.88
190 kaz 1.89 Syntax of grab command changed. The branch is no longer specified as an
191     argument, but using the -r command option. If no revision is specified with
192     -r, then a -A must be specified to make the grab go to the main trunk. This
193     is a safety feature, since grabbing foreign snapshots to the trunk is almost
194     always wrong, though it could be useful during backup recovery, or for fixing
195     mistakes.
197 kaz 1.91 The way operating system functions are targetted has changed. Instead of
198     relying on the ``linuxlibc6'' module provided by CLISP, Meta-CVS now
199     has its own module for calling foreign functions. This module is portable;
200     it does not depend on the layout of glibc data structures. So Meta-CVS
201     is in theory now portable to other Unixes (provided they have /dev/urandom).
203 kaz 1.87 Release 0.20, 2002-07-27:
204 kaz 1.86
205     The commit command does a true global commit when given no file or directory
206     parameters, and not given the --metaonly option. This means commiting all
207     changes in the MCVS directory, even if they are in F-files that are not
208     currently mapped.
210 kaz 1.85 Release 0.19, 2002-07-16:
211 kaz 1.81
212     When moving multiple files or directories to a subdirectory, a
213     restart is now provided to skip over bad ones and continue.
215 kaz 1.83 Grab no longer scans files if there are only added files, or only removed
216     files. There are no moves to deduce in that case.
218 kaz 1.84 Restore properly creates lost+found at the root of a partial sandbox,
219     rather than at the abstract root of the module.
221 kaz 1.83 Some other algorithmic improvements made.
222 kaz 1.82
223     The first few sections of a user guide have been written.
225 kaz 1.80 Release 0.18, 2002-07-07:
226 kaz 1.77
227 kaz 1.78 Cool new feature: checkout takes an extra argument, which specifies a
228     subdirectory of the project. Specifying a subdirectory results in a ``partial
229     sandbox'', whose root directory is the specified subdirectory of the larger
230     project. The rest of the project is ``invisible'' to that sandbox. A
231     subdirectory argument can also be given to mcvs grab, which will cause it to
232     integrate the new source tree against a subtree of the Meta-CVS project
233 kaz 1.79 rather than the entire project. The subtree doesn't have to exist; in
234     that case you get an empty sandbox. Adding files to this sandbox will cause
235     the tree to exist in the project.
236 kaz 1.78
237 kaz 1.77 Bugfix: mcvs grab was not computing moves properly over small file sets,
238     wrongly treating them as removes and adds.
240 kaz 1.76 Release 0.17, 2002-07-02:
241 kaz 1.71
242     The create command no longer takes a vendor branch. Instead the symbol
243     ``Created-by-Meta-CVS'' is used as the vendor tag to satisfy CVS.
245 kaz 1.72 The grab command no longer does useless synchronization on files that
246     are about to be deleted.
248 kaz 1.75 New purge command; does ``cvs rm'' on deleted files, that is to say, F- files
249     that have no mapping.
251     New restore command; re-enters deleted files into the mapping, under
252     the ``lost+found'' directory, using their F- names as sandbox names.
253 kaz 1.73
254 kaz 1.74 Bugfix: when a checkout bails because it is requested over top of an existing
255     working copy, it must not delete that working copy's MCVS sub directory.
257 kaz 1.70 Release 0.16, 2002-06-29:
258 kaz 1.67
259     Added new heuristics to grab command. Paths are analyzed to determine
260     move distance. Greater distances reduce the confidence in a move.
261     These rules help sort out grabs in a project where similar or
262     duplicate files are subject to parallel moves, the ambiguity being
263 kaz 1.68 resolved by favoring shorter moves. Word comparisons are case-insensitive
264     now. Common words (those that appear in many files) are ignored when
265     comparing files.
266 kaz 1.67
267 kaz 1.69 New options, --meta and --metaonly. This area of Meta-CVS is cleaned
268     up a little bit. Most reporting commands like log or diff no longer
269     operate on meta files by default; they must be explicitly told to do
270     so with --meta or --metaonly. Only the commit command implicitly includes
271     metafiles by default, and so if this is not wanted, --nometa must be
272     selected. The update command remains special; if it is given file
273     arguments, it does not include meta files. If given no arguments, it
274     does a global CVS up across the entire project.
276 kaz 1.66 Release 0.15, 2002-06-25:
277 kaz 1.61
278 kaz 1.65 Optimized a string splitting routine which is used heavily for processing
279     paths; the result is a noticeable performance improvement in some commands
280     that process large numbers of files.
281 kaz 1.61
282 kaz 1.62 Renamed ``import'' command to ``create''.
284 kaz 1.65 Bugfix: checkout and create showed errors when removing directory, due to
285     broken :postorder support in directory walking function.
286 kaz 1.63
287 kaz 1.65 Bugfix: on failure, checkout was failing to delete the MCVS directory when
288     the checkout was directed to an existing directory.
290 kaz 1.66 New feature: ``mcvs grab'' command imports third-party snapshots to a
291 kaz 1.65 branch. This is invoked in the root directory of the source tree to import.
292     It determines what files have been added and removed in the snapshot, and
293     tries to compute which removes and adds are actually moves. This is done by
294     analyzing the actual contents of the files according to a crude algorithm to
295     do fuzzy comparisons, so that even files which were modified as well as moved
296     are discovered.
297 kaz 1.64
298 kaz 1.60 Release 0.14, 2002-06-21:
299 kaz 1.59
300     Bugfix: mcvs add was broken for files that have no suffix, causing
301 kaz 1.60 the underlying cvs add to fail. This was broken in 0.7 when type
302     handling was added.
303 kaz 1.59
304 kaz 1.58 Release 0.13, 2002-06-06:
305 kaz 1.55
306     Sandbox synchronization now handles the case of two files having
307     the same timestamp. An error is signaled, with interactive resolution
308     to synchronize either way, or do nothing.
310 kaz 1.56 If a file must be deleted on update, and this cannot be done, it
311     is now a continuable error.
313     Bugfix: pass -I ! to cvs import so that it won't ignore some F- files
314     whose suffix is one of the ones cvs ignores by default.
316 kaz 1.57 New command: mcvs remap. The user can move or delete files directly without
317     going through Meta-CVS. When mcvs remap is invoked, it will hunt down the
318     moves and deletions, and reconstruct the mapping accordingly; that is,
319     it remaps the new structure. This command uses inode numbers to identify
320     files; if a file is copied and then the original is deleted, that won't
321     be recognized as a move.
323 kaz 1.53 Release 0.12, 2002-04-18:
324 kaz 1.51
325     Bugfix: remove was broken in 0.10, fixed now.
327 kaz 1.54 Bugfix: status, diff, etc. work in empty project rather than complaining
328     ``. not known to Meta-CVS''.
330 kaz 1.52 The checkout operation now can now populate an existing directory, including
331     the current working directory (mcvs co -d . modulename). Of course, the
332     target directory cannot be an existing Meta-CVS sandbox.
333     This is a useful feature, which allows sandboxes to blend with an
334     existing directory structure.
336     Checkout now uses the same function for generating the sandbox
337     structure as does update. This is now necessary, because local files
338     can be clobbered by the checkout.
340 kaz 1.50 Release 0.11, 2002-04-12:
341 kaz 1.46
342     Bugfix: when branch invokes rtag, it now takes the CVSROOT information
343     from CVS/Root and passes it via -d. This is necessary because rtag does not
344     look at a local CVS subdirectory for this information, only the
345     -d option or the environment variable.
347 kaz 1.48 Command for listing branches added (list-branches or lb). Also shows
348     what sticky tag the sandbox is updated to.
350     Command for switching branches added (switch or sw).
352     Merge detects that working copy is on non-branch tag and bails.
353 kaz 1.47
354 kaz 1.49 Absolute paths can now be specified as file arguments. These are
355     based from the root directory of the sandbox, not the actual filesystem root
356     directory.
358 kaz 1.45 Release 0.10, 2002-04-03:
359 kaz 1.44
360     Automatic merging implemented. Branch is created using branch command,
361     and merging from another branch is done using simple merge command.
362     Meta-CVS maintains the tags to keep track of what has been merged
363     from what branch to what branch.
364 kaz 1.40
365     Bugfix: checkout -d foo bar was complaining about directory bar already
366     existing, even though it should only care about foo.
368 kaz 1.41 The remove command now requires explicit -R option to recursively remove
369 kaz 1.42 a directory. It has more detailed error reporting.
370 kaz 1.41
371 kaz 1.43 The move command has better error reporting.
373 kaz 1.39 Release 0.9, 2002-03-14:
374 kaz 1.37
375     Bugfix: the .cvsignore file is now subject to tagging, status, etc,
376     (unless --nometa is specified, of course).
377 kaz 1.38
378     The mcvs filt command takes -r <revision> or -D <date> parameters.
379     This means to retrieve the MAP file as of the specified revision or
380     date and use that mapping to perform the filtering translation,
381     rather than using MAP-LOCAL.
382 kaz 1.39
383     The mcvs update command takes filename arguments now and also
384     supports the -p option.
385 kaz 1.37
386 kaz 1.36 Release 0.8, 2002-03-13:
387 kaz 1.28
388 kaz 1.29 Bug fixed in mcvs add; it was not ignoring files that are already
389     listed as :ignore in MCVS/TYPES.
391 kaz 1.34 Bug fixed in mcvs move: a target with a trailing slash is now treated
392     as a directory (if it does not already exist and is a non-directory).
394 kaz 1.30 The -d option of mcvs checkout can now be used to override the checkout
395     directory, which is normally the same as the module name.
397 kaz 1.31 The global options --version, --help, -q, -Q and -e are now supported.
399 kaz 1.33 New global options --error-continue and --error-terminate to disable
400     interactive error handling in two different ways.
402 kaz 1.32 Log level of many messages has changed; many messages have been
403     relegated to debug level.
405 kaz 1.35 The import command now creates a .cvsignore file containing the name
406     MAP-LOCAL.
408 kaz 1.24 Release 0.7, 2002-03-09:
410 kaz 1.27 The import command collects a list of the file suffixes and brings up
411     a text editor to allow the user to edit their CVS keyword expansion
412     behavior. This information is kept in a new metafile called TYPES. The
413     add command also updates TYPES; it identifies any suffixes which are new,
414     and brings up an editor. The F- files now carry suffixes, which
415     simplifies interfacing with CVS, and also allows cvswrappers to work.
417     Recursive add works (mcvs add -R ...).
419     New command line option --nometa allows metafiles to be excluded from
420     diff, tag, and other commands; without the option they are inserted
421     into the list of files to be processed.
422 kaz 1.25
423 kaz 1.27 The commit option now takes an optional list of files or directories,
424     just like tag, diff, and others.
425 kaz 1.26
426 kaz 1.23 Release 0.6, 2002-02-16:
427 kaz 1.19
428 kaz 1.27 The add operation was horribly broken in 0.5, it is fixed.
429 kaz 1.21
430 kaz 1.27 User can interactively select whether to clobber local files or leave
431     everything alone. Effects on the mapping file of a mcvs move are undone,
432     if the restructuring is rolled back, or raises a condition that leads
433     to termination.
435     Meta-CVS now keeps a new meta-file called MCVS/TYPES. This is created
436     during import, and specifies the CVS keyword expansion mode for files
437     having given suffixes, and can also tell Meta-CVS to ignore certain files
438     when importing or adding.
439 kaz 1.22
440 kaz 1.18 Release 0.5, 2002-02-10:
441 kaz 1.14
442 kaz 1.27 Much improved error handling. Filesystem rearranging code performs
443     sanity checks to prevent adds and moves from accidentally clobbering
444     local files. A rearranging gone bad can be rolled back. Effects
445     of a failed mcvs add can also be rolled back.
446 kaz 1.14
447 kaz 1.27 MAP-LOCAL is now sorted in the same way as MAP.
448 kaz 1.15
449 kaz 1.13 Release 0.4, 2002-02-04:
450 kaz 1.10
451 kaz 1.27 CVS is invoked using internal function resembling the xargs utility,
452     which ensures that multiple command lines are generated if necessary to
453     avoid surpassing the operating system limit on argument and environment
454     vector size. This is important when someone wants to diff or stat a
455     subdirectory, which requires Meta-CVS to pick out the individual files
456     at the CVS level.
458     The tag, log, status and annotate commands are now available.
460     The MAP file is sorted on F- file names now, not path names. This
461     improves merging, since files do not move within the file when
462     they are renamed.
463 kaz 1.12
464 kaz 1.5 Release 0.3, 2002-02-02:
466 kaz 1.27 Process termination done is properly in top level handler, by a nonlocal
467     exit. The program properly indicates failed termination when it exits
468     due to an error condition.
470     Corrections are made in the command line option processing. If z is an
471     option that takes an argument, and the argument is -zx, then x is
472     treated as the argument to the option. Long options arguments are
473     recognized properly, according to the --opt=arg convention. The option
474     processing is restructured. Most of the commands now take the
475     appropriate cvs command-specific options.
477     The update algorithm performs dupe checking over the map, which could
478     happen during a merge.
480     Some more bugfixing has been done to the move command. It was still not
481     handling right some cases of an unversioned file being clobbered. Also,
482     it wasn't renaming a directory containing just one file.
484     I did some performance investigation for larger file sets, and
485     ended up rewriting the code that computes filesystem restructuring
486     changes and map duplicates.
487 kaz 1.5
488 kaz 1.4 Release 0.2, 2002-01-30:
490 kaz 1.27 Changed official name from MCVS to Meta-CVS. The move command now
491     performs some filesystem tests so it does the right thing when a versioned
492     file is moved over a non-versioned file, or when a file is moved into
493     a directory not known to Meta-CVS. Factored out reading and writing of
494     map files into functions.
495 kaz 1.4
496 kaz 1.2 Release 0.1, 2002-01-28:
498 kaz 1.27 Support for mcvs diff -u added. The -R option works for mcvs add command.
499     Bug fixed in mcvs mv command; it wasn't working analogously to the Unix
500     mv command when copying a directory to an existing directory.
501 kaz 1.2
502     Release 0.0, 2002-01-27:
503 kaz 1.1
504 kaz 1.27 This is alpha software. It is not complete, and lacks documentation.
505     However, it is already usable in its present state and is being used for
506     version control by its author. If you can program in Common Lisp and would
507     like to help, take a look through the TODO file. Send me patches, ideas,
508     feature requests.

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