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revision 1.24 by kaz, Sat Jun 29 15:40:54 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Sat Jul 6 15:49:12 2002 UTC
# Line 29  Line 29 
29            (dolist (file files)            (dolist (file files)
30              (can-restart-here ("Continue preparing file list.")              (can-restart-here ("Continue preparing file list.")
31                (let* ((full-name (sandbox-translate-path file))                (let* ((full-name (sandbox-translate-path file))
32                       (entries (mapping-prefix-matches filemap full-name)))                       (abs-name (real-to-abstract-path full-name))
33                         (entries (mapping-prefix-matches filemap abs-name)))
34                  (if (not entries)                  (if (not entries)
35                    (error "mcvs: ~a is not known to Meta-CVS." full-name)                    (error "mcvs: ~a is not known to Meta-CVS." full-name)
36                    (setf files-to-process (nconc files-to-process entries))))))))                    (setf files-to-process (nconc files-to-process entries))))))))

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