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revision 1.28 by kaz, Sat Mar 8 02:43:16 2008 UTC revision 1.29 by kaz, Sat Mar 8 03:27:57 2008 UTC
# Line 151  of strings." Line 151  of strings."
151               (minor (fourth vers))               (minor (fourth vers))
152               (patch (fifth vers)))               (patch (fifth vers)))
153          (if (and major minor patch)          (if (and major minor patch)
154            (format t "Meta-CVS version ~a.~a.~a Copyright 2004 Kaz Kylheku~%"            (format t "Meta-CVS version ~a.~a.~a Copyright 2008 Kaz Kylheku~%"
155                    major minor patch)                    major minor patch)
156            (format t "Meta-CVS unknown version Copyright 2004 Kaz Kylheku~%"))            (format t "Meta-CVS unknown version Copyright 2008 Kaz Kylheku~%"))
157          (throw 'terminate nil)))          (throw 'terminate nil)))
158      (when editor      (when editor
159        (setf *edit-program* (second editor)))        (setf *edit-program* (second editor)))

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