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revision 1.4 by kaz, Wed Jan 23 07:01:28 2002 UTC revision 1.5 by kaz, Fri Jan 25 02:04:45 2002 UTC
# Line 4  Line 4 
4  (provide "remove")  (provide "remove")
6  (defun mcvs-remove (&rest files)  (defun mcvs-remove (&rest files)
7    (current-dir-restore    (in-sandbox-root-dir
8      (let ((down-path (mcvs-locate)) filemap files-to-remove)      (let (filemap files-to-remove)
       (if (not down-path)  
         (error "mcvs-remove: could not locate ~a directory." *mcvs-dir*))  
9        (when (null files)        (when (null files)
10          (return-from mcvs-remove (values)))          (return-from mcvs-remove (values)))
# Line 18  Line 15 
15        (chatter-info "Unmapping.~%")        (chatter-info "Unmapping.~%")
16        (dolist (file files)        (dolist (file files)
17          (can-restart-here ("Continue unmapping files.")          (can-restart-here ("Continue unmapping files.")
18            (multiple-value-bind (full-name out-of-bounds)            (let* ((full-name (sandbox-translate-path file))
19                                   (canonicalize-path (path-cat down-path file))                   (entries (filemap-prefix-lookup filemap full-name)))
20              (let ((entries (filemap-prefix-lookup filemap full-name)))              (if (not entries)
21                (if out-of-bounds                (error "mcvs-remove: ~a is not known to MCVS." full-name)
22                  (chatter-terse "mcvs-remove: path ~a is not within sandbox." full-name)                (setf files-to-remove (nconc files-to-remove entries))))))
                 (if (not entries)  
                   (chatter-terse "mcvs-remove: ~a is not known to MCVS." full-name)  
                   (setf files-to-remove (nconc files-to-remove entries))))))))  
24        (when files-to-remove        (when files-to-remove
25          (chatter-info "Synchronizing.~%")          (chatter-info "Synchronizing.~%")

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