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revision by kaz, Sat Oct 26 18:54:43 2002 UTC revision by kaz, Sun Apr 13 06:22:43 2003 UTC
# Line 37  Line 37 
37                (t (setf files-to-remove (nconc files-to-remove entries)))))))                (t (setf files-to-remove (nconc files-to-remove entries)))))))
39        (when files-to-remove        (when files-to-remove
40            ;; Removed files might have unsynchronized local edits, which
41            ;; will be irretrievably lost if we don't synchronize.
42            ;; But the grab command does not need this, hence no-sync option.
43          (chatter-debug "Synchronizing.~%")          (chatter-debug "Synchronizing.~%")
44          (unless no-sync          (unless no-sync
45            (mapping-synchronize))            (mapping-synchronize :direction :left))
46          (let ((new-filemap (set-difference filemap files-to-remove          (let ((new-filemap (set-difference filemap files-to-remove
47                                             :test #'mapping-same-id-p)))                                             :test #'mapping-same-id-p)))
48            (mapping-write new-filemap *mcvs-map* :sort-map t))            (mapping-write new-filemap *mcvs-map* :sort-map t))

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