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revision 1.1 by kaz, Sun Jan 20 07:12:03 2002 UTC revision 1.2 by kaz, Sat Jan 26 02:08:18 2002 UTC
# Line 40  Line 40 
40  (define-condition open-dir-error (system-error) ((dir :initarg :dir)))  (define-condition open-dir-error (system-error) ((dir :initarg :dir)))
42  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c open-dir-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c open-dir-error) &rest args)
43      (declare (ignore args))
44    (with-slots (dir message) c    (with-slots (dir message) c
45      (setf message (format nil "Unable to open ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to open ~A: ~A."
46                            dir (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))                            dir (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))
# Line 47  Line 48 
48  (define-condition open-error (system-error) ((path :initarg :path)))  (define-condition open-error (system-error) ((path :initarg :path)))
50  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c open-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c open-error) &rest args)
51      (declare (ignore args))
52    (with-slots (path message) c    (with-slots (path message) c
53      (setf message (format nil "Unable to open ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to open ~A: ~A."
54                            path (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))                            path (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))
# Line 78  Line 80 
80  (define-condition chdir-error (system-error) ((dir :initarg :dir)))  (define-condition chdir-error (system-error) ((dir :initarg :dir)))
82  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c chdir-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c chdir-error) &rest args)
83      (declare (ignore args))
84    (with-slots (dir message) c    (with-slots (dir message) c
85      (setf message (format nil "Unable to change to directory ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to change to directory ~A: ~A."
86                            dir (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))                            dir (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))
# Line 107  Line 110 
110  (define-condition file-info-error (system-error) ((file :initarg :file)))  (define-condition file-info-error (system-error) ((file :initarg :file)))
112  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c file-info-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c file-info-error) &rest args)
113      (declare (ignore args))
114    (with-slots (file message) c    (with-slots (file message) c
115      (setf message (format nil "Unable to get status of ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to get status of ~A: ~A."
116                            file (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))                            file (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))
# Line 195  Line 199 
199     (to-path :initarg :to-path)))     (to-path :initarg :to-path)))
201  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c link-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c link-error) &rest args)
202      (declare (ignore args))
203    (with-slots (message from-path to-path) c    (with-slots (message from-path to-path) c
204      (setf message (format nil "Unable to link ~A to ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to link ~A to ~A: ~A."
205                            from-path to-path                            from-path to-path
# Line 211  Line 216 
216    ((path :initarg :path)))    ((path :initarg :path)))
218  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c rm-error) &rest args)  (defmethod initialize-instance :after ((c rm-error) &rest args)
219      (declare (ignore args))
220    (with-slots (message path) c    (with-slots (message path) c
221      (setf message (format nil "Unable to remove ~A: ~A."      (setf message (format nil "Unable to remove ~A: ~A."
222                            path (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))                            path (linux:strerror (linux:__errno_location))))))

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