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revision 1.20 by kaz, Tue Mar 12 19:54:58 2002 UTC revision 1.21 by kaz, Fri Mar 15 23:13:55 2002 UTC
# Line 39  Line 39 
39                    (chatter-info "mcvs-add: ~a already added.~%" full-name))                    (chatter-info "mcvs-add: ~a already added.~%" full-name))
40                  ((directory-p full-name)                  ((directory-p full-name)
41                    (when (not recursivep)                    (when (not recursivep)
42                      (error "mcvs-add: ~a, is a directory." full-name)))                      (error "mcvs-add: ~a, is a directory, use -R to add." full-name)))
43                  ((not (regular-p full-name))                  ((not (regular-p full-name))
44                    (error "mcvs-add: cannot add ~a, not regular file."                    (error "mcvs-add: cannot add ~a, not regular file."
45                           full-name))                           full-name))

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