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Wed Nov 29 06:00:40 2006 UTC (7 years, 4 months ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: asdf-import-branch~merged-to-HEAD-0, asdf-import-branch~branch-point
Branch point for: asdf-import-branch
Preparing for new release.
1 kaz 1.1 Porting Meta-CVS
3     Meta-CVS versions prior to 1.1.1 are more portable, but require a C
4     compiler in order to build, which is used to build a shim library that
5     is linked into CLISP, and which provides a stable, platform-independent
6     target API for the rest of the application. These older versions of
7     Meta-CVS have been reported to run on FreeBSD and Solaris. Newer Meta-CVS
8     releases target the operating system directly, using the CLISP foreign
9     function capabilities, without any intervening shim. On Linux, it refers
10     directly to functions in "libc.so.6" and on Cygwin it refers directly to
11     "cygwin1.dll". This is not only more efficient, but it eliminates the
12     need to compile any C and to link a custom CLISP image.
14     But it also means that that for each platform, the system glue code has
15     to be carefully tweaked. For instance, each POSIX-like platform has a
16     different layout for the C types struct dirent and struct stat. Some
17     binary interfaces differ. For instance, on glibc2, there isn't actually
18     a stat function in the library, but something called __xstat, which has
19     an extra argument. Actually, Meta-CVS uses __xstat64, the large-file
20     version of stat.
22     By targetting the binary interfaces directly, all that Meta-CVS needs
23     is CLISP. Its installation needs no special packages, and no C header
24     files have to be processed; the definitions of the binary interfaces
25     are contained within Meta-CVS.
27     All of the platform glue is in code/clisp-ffi.lisp module.
29     The binary interfaces for things like dirent and stat were deduced by
30     reading the platform header files, plus trial-and-error. The bindings
31     can be tested interactively. After building a Meta-CVS image, you can
32     run the resulting memory image with CLISP:
34     $ clisp -M code/mcvs.mem
35     [1]> (defparameter *d* (unix-funcs:opendir "."))
36     *D*
37     [2]> (unix-funcs:readdir *d*)
38     #S(UNIX-FUNCS:DIRENT :INO 243536 :OFF 12 :RECLEN 24 :TYPE 4 :NAME ".")
39     [3]> (unix-funcs:readdir *d*)
40     #S(UNIX-FUNCS:DIRENT :INO 551756 :OFF 24 :RECLEN 24 :TYPE 4 :NAME "..")
41     [4]> (unix-funcs:readdir *d*)
42     #S(UNIX-FUNCS:DIRENT :INO 243537 :OFF 36 :RECLEN 24 :TYPE 4 :NAME "MCVS")
43     [5]> (unix-funcs:readdir *d*)
44     #S(UNIX-FUNCS:DIRENT :INO 632863 :OFF 48 :RECLEN 24 :TYPE 4 :NAME "code")
45     [6]> (unix-funcs:readdir *d*)
46     #S(UNIX-FUNCS:DIRENT :INO 243579 :OFF 60 :RECLEN 24 :TYPE 8 :NAME "TODO")

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