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1                                    Upgrading Meta-CVS
3    If you already have an installation of Meta-CVS which includes the mcvs-upgrade
4    command, then you can upgrade the program from the source code, even if you
5    installed a binary distribution of Meta-CVS, and don't have any tools required
6    to build it.
8    Meta-CVS carries with it the Lisp compiler that is used to compile it, as well
9    as the custom Lisp executable with some C code. The upgrade method assumes that
10    the new Meta-CVS source code does not rely on any new C functions added the
11    lisp.run executable. If the new version of the code needs new C functions, then
12    this upgrade method will not work.
14    The procedure is simple. Run the ``mcvs-upgrade'' command, giving it a single
15    argument---the name of the directory where your Meta-CVS source code resides.
16    This should be that directory in which the file mcvs-main.lisp is found, wich
17    is currently the code/ subdirectory of the Meta-CVS source tree.
19    Upgrading will produce a lot of warnings, because it works by loading new
20    versions of code into an existing Lisp image, causing functions and variables
21    to be replaced with new ones. Just ignore the warnings, and pay attention to
22    the last message, which states whether or not the upgrade succeeded.
24    After that when you run ``mcvs --version'' it should show the new version
25    number.

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