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Revision 1.4 - (show annotations)
Mon Mar 10 00:01:36 2008 UTC (6 years, 1 month ago) by kaz
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.3: +1 -1 lines
Update to ASDF from CLKD project (and fix a bug).

* asdf/asdf.lisp: Updated
(component-pathname (component)): Handle case when parent directory
is empty, in which case :RELATIVE must be explicitly added to the
directory passed to make-pathname. The original ADJOIN code looked

* code/mcvs.asd: Change package references from asdf to zxcv.

* Makefile: Likewise.
1 (defpackage #:mcvs-system (:use #:cl #:zxcv))
2 (in-package :mcvs-system)
4 (defsystem
5 :mcvs
6 :components
7 ((:file "main"
8 :depends-on
9 ("package" "options" "create" "grab" "checkout" "add" "remove" "move"
10 "link" "update" "generic" "filt" "convert" "branch" "purge" "restore"
11 "remap" "prop" "watch" "clisp-unix"))
12 (:file "create" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk"))
13 (:file "grab" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk" "find-bind" "mapping"))
14 (:file "checkout" :depends-on ("package" "find-bind" "mapping"))
15 (:file "add" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk" "options" "restart" "mapping"))
16 (:file "remove" :depends-on ("package" "restart" "find-bind" "mapping"))
17 (:file "move" :depends-on ("package" "restart" "mapping"))
18 (:file "link" :depends-on ("package" "mapping"))
19 (:file "update" :depends-on ("package" "options" "mapping"))
20 (:file "generic" :depends-on ("package" "options" "restart" "mapping"))
21 (:file "filt" :depends-on ("package" "find-bind" "mapping"))
22 (:file "convert" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk" "mapping" "types"))
23 (:file "branch" :depends-on ("package" "mapping"))
24 (:file "purge" :depends-on ("package" "mapping"))
25 (:file "restore" :depends-on ("package" "mapping"))
26 (:file "remap" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk" "mapping"))
27 (:file "prop" :depends-on ("package" "restart" "mapping"))
28 (:file "watch" :depends-on ("package" "find-bind"))
29 (:file "rcs-utils" :depends-on ("package" "slot-refs"))
30 (:file "types" :depends-on ("package" "options" "paths" "mapping"))
31 (:file "mapping" :depends-on ("package" "dirwalk" "options"
32 "paths" "restart"))
33 (:file "dirwalk" :depends-on ("package" "paths" "restart"))
34 (:file "paths" :depends-on ("package"))
35 (:file "print" :depends-on ("package"))
36 (:file "sync" :depends-on ("package"))
37 (:file "options" :depends-on ("package" "error" "unix" "find-bind"))
38 (:file "error" :depends-on ("package"))
39 (:file "find-bind" :depends-on ("package"))
40 (:file "restart" :depends-on ("package"))
41 (:file "slot-refs" :depends-on ("package"))
42 (:file "seqfuncs" :depends-on ("package" "memoize"))
43 (:file "memoize" :depends-on ("package" "multi-hash"))
44 (:file "multi-hash" :depends-on ("package"))
45 (:file "split" :depends-on ("package"))
46 (:file "execute" :depends-on ("package" "clisp-unix"))
47 (:file "unix" :depends-on ("package" "clisp-unix"))
48 (:file "clisp-unix" :depends-on ("package" "clisp-ffi" "chatter"))
49 (:file "chatter" :depends-on ("package"))
50 (:file "package")
51 (:file "clisp-ffi")))

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