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revision 1.12 by kaz, Wed Sep 11 05:14:38 2002 UTC revision 1.13 by kaz, Sat Oct 5 18:09:48 2002 UTC
# Line 21  Line 21 
21               filt-options               filt-options
22      (cond      (cond
23        ((or extra-r extra-d)        ((or extra-r extra-d)
24           (error "mcvs-filt: only one date or revision may be specified."))           (error "only one date or revision may be specified."))
25        ((or revision date)        ((or revision date)
26           (with-input-from-program (stream `("cvs" "-Q" "up" "-p"           (with-input-from-program (stream `("cvs" "-Q" "up" "-p"
27                                              ,@(format-opt filt-options)                                              ,@(format-opt filt-options)
28                                              ,*mcvs-map*))                                              ,*mcvs-map*))
29             (let ((map (read stream nil :error)))             (let ((map (read stream nil :error)))
30               (if (eq map :error)               (if (eq map :error)
31                 (error "mcvs-filt: didn't obtain valid map from CVS.")                 (error "didn't obtain valid map from CVS.")
32                  map))))                  map))))
33        (t (mapping-read *mcvs-map-local*)))))        (t (mapping-read *mcvs-map-local*)))))
# Line 84  Line 84 
84  (defun mcvs-filt-wrapper (cvs-options cvs-command-options mcvs-args)  (defun mcvs-filt-wrapper (cvs-options cvs-command-options mcvs-args)
85    (declare (ignore cvs-options))    (declare (ignore cvs-options))
86    (when mcvs-args    (when mcvs-args
87      (error "mcvs-filt: no arguments permitted."))      (error "no arguments permitted."))
88    (mcvs-filt cvs-command-options))    (mcvs-filt cvs-command-options))

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