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revision 1.12 by kaz, Wed Jul 31 13:27:04 2002 UTC revision 1.13 by kaz, Thu Aug 1 04:03:13 2002 UTC
# Line 67  Line 67 
67                     (when (gethash element hash-2)                     (when (gethash element hash-2)
68                       (incf common-count)))                       (incf common-count)))
69                 hash-1)                 hash-1)
70        (let ((total-count (- (+ hc-1 hc-2) common-count)))          (if (zerop hc-1)
         (if (zerop total-count)  
71            0            0
72            (/ common-count total-count))))))            (/ common-count hc-1)))))
75  (defun correlate-paths (path-1 path-2)  (defun correlate-paths (path-1 path-2)
# Line 130  Line 129 
129              (set-difference removed-files taken-removed :test #'eq))))              (set-difference removed-files taken-removed :test #'eq))))
131  (defun mcvs-grab (global-options command-options module subdir)  (defun mcvs-grab (global-options command-options module subdir)
132    (let ((branch (second (find "r" command-options    (find-bind (:test #'string= :key #'first)
133                                :test #'string= :key #'first))))               ((branch "r") (trunk "A"))
134      (declare (ignore command-options))               command-options
135        (when (and branch trunk)
136          (error "mcvs-grab: both -r and -A specified."))
137        (when (and (not branch) (not trunk))
138          (error "mcvs-grab: specify branch using -r or main trunk using -A."))
139      (mcvs-checkout module subdir global-options      (mcvs-checkout module subdir global-options
140                     `(("d" ,*this-dir*)                     `(("d" ,*this-dir*) ,@(if branch (list branch)))
                      ,@(if branch  
                         `(("r" ,branch))))  
141                     :no-generate t)                     :no-generate t)
142      (in-sandbox-root-dir      (in-sandbox-root-dir
143        (let ((old-paths (mapping-read *mcvs-map*))        (let ((old-paths (mapping-read *mcvs-map*))

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